The energetic yoga pants are dressed with natural and unrestrained temperament, showing beautiful long legs and exquisite age reduction

The energetic yoga pants are dressed with natural and unrestrained temperament, showing beautiful long legs and exquisite age reduction.

You must understand the collocation of yoga pants! Earlier, the popularity of short skirts, bell bottomed pants and wide leg pants in Europe and America made wide leg pants popular on the streets.

It is undoubtedly the most popular item in the fashion industry.

So, how to match a classic yoga pants to be more fashionable, low-key and textured? According to the classification of clothes, yoga pants are divided into: medium and long tops with skirts larger than the knee and skirts smaller than the knee (or jackets or skirts); Pleated yoga pants with a shirt or T-shirt on the upper body; Jacket yoga pants.

So, how to match is the most fashionable and not vulgar? Here we recommend a set of very good matching top folding methods.

Next, let’s mainly look at the matching of wide leg pants.

Fold the loose pleated coat into the wide leg pants, and match the jacket with the shirt; Style with top.

The following items don’t look so complicated as a whole, because the collocation between items lacks a sense of composition for the overall collocation.

In terms of the three collocations, the three collocations are the collocation of shirts and wide leg pants.

The difference is that among the three collocations, two are with shirts and one is without shirts.

Shirts: Fritillaria shirt, floral shirt, striped shirt, striped slim shirt, embroidered shirt, round neck shirt, classic collarless shirt; Wide Leg Pants: straight tube wide leg pants, lantern wide leg pants, nine point pants; Shoes: white shoes, Doudou shoes, sports shoes and high heels that are versatile in recent years.

The three sets are all built with shirts.

The basic matching formula is: shirt + wide leg pants + shoes.

Although the shirt is a versatile item, it is easy to be out of date.

How can we make the shirt echo with the color and style of wide leg pants? Note that the shirt is preferably loose style, and then the wide leg pants are medium and long version.

Show the collar of the shirt.

It’s hard to find a shirt that can achieve this matching effect, but every time the new shirt appears in the fashion circle, the first one to enter the fashion circle is the one-line collar style of the shirt, which is also a fashionable way for shirt items.

The second way: the shirt is tight and the wide leg pants are loose.

This fashionable matching formula is: the shirt is suitable for choosing a looser one, and then match the loose type of wide leg pants, and lengthen the upper body ratio at the same time.

In fact, the above collocation is fat, and then it will appear thick, but if the skinny sister can try this collocation to strengthen the loose feeling of the upper shirt.

The matching in the above figure is very friendly to the girl with thick legs, because the shirt sleeves are slightly larger, which will cover part of the leg shape, which avoids the problem of too heavy upper body.

The most important thing for this kind of collocation is to find a style you like.

This style is the key to improve the fashion and body proportion.

The collocation between pieces must find one suitable for you! The third way: the shirt is suitable for loose style and the wide leg pants are suitable for tight style.

The two collocations are to leave the shirt with short sleeves and expose the sleeves at both ends of the body.

In order to better show the sleeve length, you can choose a shirt suitable for single wear, so it is not easy to appear street style.

Matching method of Wide Leg Pants: if the wide leg pants are longer, try to match the clothes with similar upper and lower body colors, and make the contrast between colors a little larger; If it is a relatively short style of wide leg pants, it is not recommended to leave short sleeves, which will make the waist less and appear fat…

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