Yoga practice school and yogi’s Earth theory

​   Yoga (English: yoga, Hindi: योग) is a Chinese word.

It first comes from the Indian Sanskrit “Yug” or “yuj”, which means “unity”, “combination” or “harmony”.

Yoga originated from ancient India and is one of the six philosophical schools in ancient India.

It explores the truth and method of “the unity of Brahman and me”.

What modern people call yoga is mainly a series of self-cultivation methods.

Yoga practice school is a major sect of Mahayana Buddhism in India.

The composition of yoga practice school has deepened theoretical setting and social reasons.

The thinking feature of yoga practice school is to set sail from the perspective of epistemology, clarify the essence of international life at the level of righteousness and reason, and clarify the basis for all sentient beings to become Buddhas.

The school attached great importance to the deepening and innovation of concepts, established the theories of knowledge only and boundless, eight knowledge and seeds, three sexuality and three asexuality, and transforming knowledge into wisdom.

It was good at using the method of reason and understanding, and formed an indispensable theoretical system from international view, knowledge theory to disjointed theory.

It had a strong philosophical nature and greatly enhanced the theoretical persuasion of Sanskrit.

   ​     The Sanskrit name of Bodhisattva asanga.

It is transliterated as a Sangha.

Born in the 4th and 5th centuries.

He is one of the founders of the Yoga sect of Mahayana Buddhism in ancient India.

Also known as accessibility.

Prushpra (Brahma purus! A-pura, bulusha Buluo) people in jiantuoluo, North India.

According to the biography of master Pandu in vadoda, his father’s name is Kaus / IKA, and he is the National Teacher Brahman.

There are three brothers, all of whom are called Vasubandhu.

The teacher first became a monk in the Mahayana sabadha Department (saying that everything has a department).

He wanted to commit suicide because he thought only about empty righteousness.

At that time, a fan pin! D! Ola came to explain the Mahayana empty view.

When the teacher first heard of enlightenment, he was still dissatisfied with it.

He led the heaven to receive Mahayana concept from Maitreya Bodhisattva and returned to Mahayana concept.

Then he counted the profound meaning of Mahayana, such as the theory of heaven, yogi and earth, and gathered it for public publicity.

The Dharma of Mahayana Yoga spread to all directions.

The yogi’s theory of earth, also known as the theory of yoga and the theory of seventeen earth, is the fundamental book of Mahayana Buddhism’s yoga practice consciousness only school and faxiangzong.

It is also an important classic taken by Xuanzang’s journey to the West.

The land of a yogi means the realm (seventeen lands) that a yogi needs to experience in his practice, so it is also called the theory of seventeen lands.

It is said that it was dictated by Maitreya Bodhisattva, and there is no record.

Han Buddhism regards this sutra as one of the five Tzu sutras created by Maitreya.

Tibetan Buddhism traditionally recognizes the author of this theory as wuzhu.

Yoga is synonymous with meditation or meditation.

The so-called yoga practice is to practice all kinds of meditation and meditation, among which the most commonly used are the number breath concept and unclean concept practiced by the Mahayana sect.

As for yoga teachers, they are also teachers who practice and even teach yoga dharmas.

Buddhist monks who practice all kinds of practice are respected as yogis or practitioners.

These yogis are the pioneers of the conscious School of yoga.

The land of yogis refers to the realm that yogis rely on and do.

This theory appeared in ancient India about the fourth and fifth centuries A.D.

it is said that no Bodhisattva ascended to the inner courtyard of Maitreya at night.

After hearing the saying of Maitreya Bodhisattva, he spoke to the public and made a record.

​​​     Buddhism has no sects.

However, due to the narrow wisdom and short life span of all sentient beings, they can not fully inherit all the essentials of Buddhism, so they choose to receive it by fate.

Thus there is the so-called sect.

Of course, this does not rule out the possibility of division due to differences of views.

Even if there is, it is normal.

However, although the Buddha Dharma is limitless, there are no three schools of “discipline and wisdom” in terms of the gist of its study; On its classic categories, there is no “classics and laws” three Zang; As far as its system is concerned, there are no three major systems of Buddhism: meso view, consciousness only and Tathagata Tibet.

We should study and study them from the standpoint of harmony and sameness; Mesoscopic consciousness is one and not two.

We should use the method of mutual reference to practice and study them.

    From the training of eugenics, feeling, perception, language and thinking ability, to the mastery of knowledge and skills in life and Buddhism, to the formation of concept and consciousness, to the practice of triple multiplication   Enlightenment is like the holy essence of reason, until there is no basis, Nirvana, from low to high, from shallow to deep, and perfect the overall and overall perfection of people, even if people are full of wisdom, omnipotence, beauty, goodness and truth: the highly intensive, complete and intensive step-by-step education method can effectively create erudition, perfect personality, dignified and dignified A monk who is brave in dedication.

It is not completely outdated because it belongs to the category of classical education.

Modern education can get a lot of Enlightenment from it when reflecting on its various disadvantages.

     ​    The existing world is harmonious, otherwise they cannot coexist.

The world presented in our eyes is constructed by our thinking.

Because of the confusion and contamination of our thinking, the world that comes into our eyes is full of contradictions and disharmony.

That’s all caused by our wrong understanding.

Once we can get rid of the wrong understanding and get a correct understanding, a harmonious world should be presented truthfully.

The Mahayana spirit embodied in yogi’s Earth theory also has a positive reference significance for the spirit and values of modern society, and has become a milestone in the history of Buddhist culture.

In the spirit of benefiting all sentient beings and mankind, it is worthy of being a bright lamp to guide all sentient beings to the ideal world of human peace and happiness…

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