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There are 10 variants of Yoga baby style. 90% of people don’t know it. You must try it!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Baby pose is one of the most used over rest postures in yoga practice, but did you know? A simple baby style can also extend 10 variants! After slight changes, the posture can start to more muscle groups and greatly enhance the practice effect.

Today, let’s learn 10 variants of baby pose! Pose 01-03, kneeling on both knees, entering the first version of baby pose, which is the original version.

The first version is the variant of palm off the ground, hands ten fingers push down, and the second version is added with yoga bricks.

This practice helps the chest better open the third variant of pose 04-05.

On the basis of baby pose, both hands bend their elbows, forearms backward, triceps brachii and axillary stretch, and enhance the fourth variant, Put yoga bricks under your elbows, chest and arms to continue to strengthen the stretching feeling of asana 06-07 and the fifth variant.

The arms are close to the chest.

This variant fully stretches the sixth variant of rotator cuff muscles.

Keep your right hand flat against the chest and your left hand straight.

You can stretch to latissimus dorsi 08-09 and the seventh variant.

Twist the inside of your hands and arms to the left relative to your body, The 8th variant of triceps brachii, which can relax the spine and stretch to the outside of the arm, keeps the right hand still, bends the elbow of the left hand backward and sticks to the lower back, twists and opens the chest pose 10-11, the 9th variant, straightens the body with both hands and bends to the right, which can fully stretch to the 10th variant of lateral waist on both sides, Keep the basis of lateral flexion.

Bend your elbow back with your right hand and put it on the left lateral waist.

This variant is more intense for the stretching of the lateral waist.

Let’s go after reading it 👍。.

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