There are 9 variants of Yoga crow style. Unfortunately, I can’t

Yoga is not in yoga, or pay attention to yoga crow style on the way of yoga.

It should be the first arm support pose learned by many students!? If you do, it means you’re on the road! It requires strength, flexibility and concentration.

Crow style is only the first step.

There are many variants waiting for you! For example, the following: the first: first, let’s have the most basic crow type with both hands on the ground, bend the arm back with the same width as the shoulder, and put the inner thigh on the back of the arm.

The second: hold the ground with both hands on the ground with the same width as the shoulder, and put the front of the shin of the lower leg behind the big arm.

Bend the arm back, shoulder forward, center of gravity forward, feet off the ground, and toes touch.

The third: put the knee on the back of the arm, Instead of the lower leg, the fourth: try to put the knee on the back of the arm instead of the lower leg, raise the hip higher, lower the head instead of raising the head.

The fifth: side crow, enter from the twist magic chair, put the side of the thigh behind the big arm, bend the arm and focus forward, Feet off the ground No.

6: This is a variant of the semi pigeon style, which requires the opening of the outside of the hip.

The pigeon style will be relatively simple for students who have no pressure at all.


7: it is basically no different from the crow style, but the palm and fingertips face back, which increases the difficulty.


8: This is the crane Zen style.

The difference between the crane Zen style and the crow style is that the arm is straight, although it is a small change, However, the strength of the core and arms is more needed.

The ninth difficulty here is that the elbows and small arms support the ground, the knees are still placed on the back of the big arm, the abdomen is retracted, and the hips are raised.

Looking ahead, many students said that there are so many crow variants, but it’s a pity that I won’t do any of them.

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