How far should the hands and feet of Yoga wheel be from each other? If you do it right, you’re half done!

On the way of yoga, you should pay attention to practicing yoga wheel, and the distance between hands and feet is very important.

If the position is wrong, it will be very difficult to hold up, not to mention how uncomfortable and twisted it will be.

The distance is too far, so the position of the wheel can’t stretch the hand well.

We generally know that it is difficult to support the ground above the shoulder.

After all, the length of the arm and the shoulder joint are limited there.

Therefore, the distance between hands and feet is mainly determined by the position of feet.

So, where should I put the practice wheeled feet? The correct distance should be to keep the heel close to the outside of the hip.

At this time, your hands can comfortably grasp your ankles.

Put your hands on the ground above your shoulders, shoulder width apart.

Some practitioners will think their body is stiff, so they put their feet away, but this is not worth the loss.

Don’t put your feet far away.

If necessary, you can use yoga bricks.

At this time, the body is in the right position.

At this time, instead of struggling with how to push the chest out, it’s better to feel the flow of energy here: with each inhalation, feel the chest fully open and the heart chakra released; With each exhalation, energy comes to the undersea wheel to stabilize leg strength.

One mistake often made by foot position practitioners is the outer eight of the foot: the outer eight of the foot will lose the strength of the inner side of the leg and easily squeeze the lumbar spine.

When practicing yoga asanas, sometimes just find the correct position of the foundation (the body part in contact with the ground) can be of great help to practice.

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