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Yoga never treats you badly. You know horsepower from a distance

I heard you’ve been slack lately? I hear you want to give up yoga? Today, I’d like to introduce some yogi to you.

After watching their yoga, they are motivated again.

The first one is Rebecca.

Her ins name is @ inspiremyyoga, which literally translates as “Yoga to inspire me”.

She is a cancer survivor and a yoga teacher.

She practices yoga while treating cancer, For nearly 10 years, she said that yoga was her second motivation to fight cancer.

Because Akino was busy doing housework with her baby, Akino’s posture became more and more out of shape, but she became an “aunt” at a young age.

This situation deeply stimulated Akino, so she decided to start yoga and change that when she didn’t have time to go to the yoga hall, Akino practiced at home, Akino’s body and mind have changed.

He not only completed amazing transformation, but also improved the happy time between parents and children.

Third, vered, who has adhered to yoga for 6 years, has completely changed his yoga posture and body state, Andrea is a yoga teacher who practices Ashtanga.

There are more than 100000 fans on INS.

I have to say that her current state and that of a few years ago are earth shaking.

The best cosmetic surgery hospital in the world is yoga on your yoga mat, It’s more than freezing age.

It’s like turning back the tide of time.

Your future appearance is hidden in your current efforts.

Fifth, Mathilde.

Finally, Mathilde is the one who has made the greatest progress in a year among all yoga bloggers.

Seeing her great changes, do you have more faith in your yoga? Sanmao said: “When you read more, your appearance will naturally change.

Many times, you may think that many books you have read have become a thing of the past and no longer remember.

In fact, they are still in their potential temperament.

They are boundless in conversation and mind.

Of course, they may also be revealed in life and words.” Yoga is as beautiful as reading.

The sweat of yoga will never deceive you.

They precipitate in your spirit.

You are different.

Everyone can feel what yoga will bring to you.

Your body will give you the answer.

Yoga will never treat you badly.

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