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This practice, yoga handstand is not difficult!

Handstand is a high-level posture, which has high requirements for muscle strength, core strength and stability of the body.

Many experienced Jia people also love and can’t reach it.

Therefore, handstand practice needs some targeted skills and warm-up preparation.

Beginners had better practice under the guidance of professional teachers.

The wall is the best aid to practice handstand.

There are many ways to practice handstand with the wall.

If you practice with your back against the wall, you will develop dependence.

The recommended way today is to use the wall but not against the wall.

The wall is only used as the support point of the foot to build more arm, back and core strength.

Another trick is to start with your legs in a V shape.

This is very useful for beginners.

Most people are used to kicking their legs against the wall.

It’s good when you first practice handstands, but after that, it’s better to turn around and do the opposite.

Now let’s see how to practice.

This wall practice is a great way to build control, strength and mobilize all the right muscles.


Stand far enough from the wall.

When you lift one leg, the soles of your feet lean against the wall.


Then, turn around and put down your hands.

Open your hands shoulder width apart.


Step on the wall.

Walk your legs up the wall until you feel your pelvis above your head 4 Slowly lift one leg.

Keep your legs V-shaped, which will help you find balance.

As long as you lean one leg against the wall, you won’t fall over.


If you can, slowly remove your legs from the wall and try to find balance in handstand.

Keep breathing evenly, then slowly and under control.

Remember: don’t hold your breath.

When we do challenging movements, we often forget to breathe.

If your body can breathe smoothly, your body will be stable and your hand will be stable! Note: try the above steps, stay where you can do it, step by step, and then proceed to the next step when you are ready.

It’s natural to stick to it every day and leave the wall…

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