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To relieve low back pain, beginners should do these 10 simple yoga movements first!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! When practicing yoga, beginners often ask a question, that is, what yoga actions are the most effective to relieve low back pain? In fact, experienced yoga practitioners know that there are many postures to relieve low back pain in yoga.

For beginners, they can choose some simple, safe and effective actions to practice yoga at the beginning.

For example, the 10 actions to be shared today have the effect of relieving low back pain.

It will have an effect after practice.

You must try! 1.

Stand in the suspended mountain style, with both feet as wide as the hip, exhale, completely relax the spine, bend the knees slightly from the cervical spine, hold the elbows with both hands for 20-30 seconds.


Kneel and stand on the cushion surface, with both legs as wide as the hip, the instep of the lower leg close to the ground, exhale vertically on the cushion surface of the arms and thighs, and roll the pelvis backward, Lumbar vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, cervical vertebrae arch upward and inhale, cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae stretch section by section, repeat exercise 5-8 groups 3.

Kneel and stand needle eye pose, twist the right arm from the front of the body through the spine to the right on the basis of cat pose, keep the head on the cushion surface for 20-30 seconds, and change the other side 4 The hero bends forward, kneels and stands on the cushion surface, with his legs separated slightly larger than his hips, sits on his heels, bends his body forward, stretches his arms downward, and holds his forehead for 20-30 seconds.


In the downward dog pose, his feet are the same width as his hips from the hero’s forward bending, and his hips are backward and upward.

Straighten his legs, extend his spine, and straighten his arms for 20-30 seconds.


The young snake lies prone on the cushion surface and exhales, Lift the head upward until the abdomen leaves the cushion surface, keep the hips compacted, bend the elbows on the front side of the body, keep the extension of the waist and back, rotate the pelvis backward and stay for 20-30 seconds.

Jia people with good physical conditions can straighten their arms, keep the hips away from the cushion surface.


Sit with the spine twisted, straighten their legs and bend their knees, Put the left leg on the outside of the right thigh, put the right foot on the outside of the left hip, inhale, extend the spine, hold the arms side flat and exhale, twist to the left, hold the right arm against the outside of the left thigh for 20-30 seconds, and change to the other side.


Lie on the cushion surface in the small bridge style, bend your knees close to the hip, straighten the cushion surface of the lower leg, open your feet, exhale the same width as the hip, and lift the hip upward, Keep your knees and hips at the same width, hold your hands on the back of your body, press down on the cushion surface for 20-30 seconds 9.

Exhaust supine on the cushion surface, bend your knees close to your abdomen, keep your legs together, hold the front of your legs with your hands, keep your shoulders away from the cushion surface for 20-30 seconds 10.

Eagle leg supine, twist your spine, lie on your back, bend your knees, bypass your right leg, wrap your legs around your left leg, and exhale each other, Turn your torso to the left, lift your arms horizontally, turn your head and eyes to look at the fingertips of your right hand for 20-30 seconds, and then go after looking at them on the other side 👍 Dream of beef noodles, share food and health knowledge for free every day, pay attention to me and live a healthy life every day! The official account is official.

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