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When practicing yoga, why does the teacher advise you to wear no socks and bare feet?

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! For yoga beginners, at the beginning of practice, yoga teachers will require complete barefoot, no shoes, no socks Summer is fine, but do you have to take off your socks in cold winter? Yoga teachers suggest that barefoot practice has the following reasons: 01 the effect of wearing socks is poor.

People who have practiced yoga in socks should have this experience.

Wearing socks on the mat will be very slippery, and their feet will always be in the state of adjustment.

This will not only do bad asana, but also interfere with your attention and make you have no time to pay attention to your breathing and heart.

Obviously, the effect of such practice will not be very good.

02 improve the awareness of feet and body.

Many people can’t effectively control each toe, mostly because their feet are bound for a long time or don’t move often.

Barefoot practice can free your feet from the shackles of socks and shoes, make them move more freely and easily, and effectively improve your body’s awareness.

03 promote blood circulation barefoot movement can better contact nerve endings, transmit information to the brain, stimulate the nervous system, further promote blood circulation, make breathing smoother and posture more coordinated.

From an energy point of view, when the feet are better connected to the ground, it will enhance the stability inside our body.

04 enhance self-control over asanas.

In yoga practice, the state of both feet often affects the state of the whole body.

Both feet are the foundation of Yoga asanas, the source of energy, and conduct upward along this path.

When standing, our feet carry all the weight of our body.

The skin on the sole of our feet needs to be naturally and evenly extended, so that our legs and spine can have enough strength to stretch upward.

In addition, the sole of the foot is also the source of the problem.

Problems such as lumbar lordosis, pelvic tilt and neck are often caused by the misalignment of the feet.

Practicing yoga barefoot allows yoga teachers or yourself to observe the state of your feet at any time and make adjustments in time.

When you wear socks, if there is a problem, the teacher is not easy to observe, and it is not conducive to giving guidance.

For people with foot problems such as plantar fasciitis and flat feet, especially barefoot practice.

Only in this way can the teacher see the state of your feet and better help you adjust.

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