New Yoga Life

Yoga 10 minutes before going to bed specializes in insomnia and regulating body endocrine. Get up decisively!

Look at yoga everyday.

Today’s young people wear the most expensive mask and stay up the latest night.

People with long-term insomnia are grumpy, easily out of control, premature aging, decreased immunity, endocrine disorders and so on.

The most terrible thing is the domino chain reaction.

Serious insomnia can destroy all aspects of your life, work, interpersonal relationships and even make people depressed.

Therefore, now to alleviate insomnia or really treat insomnia, in fact, psychological adjustment will be greater than physical adjustment, and yoga is one of the best choices.

Today Xiaobian recommends a set of effective Yoga methods to regulate insomnia.

Let’s have a look: 1 Baby effect: gently stretch the back muscles, self observe the body, reduce the tension of the neck, open or close the knees to stretch the hips and hips!   2.

Supine beam angle effect: relax your hips, the earth gives you support and strength, soothes your mind, extends and stretches your waist, pads two yoga bricks under your knees or puts a blanket to support hip flexors to relax!   3.

Effect of head touch knee stretching: calm the nervous system, stretch back muscles, reduce anxiety, fatigue and headache, put your forehead on your legs or on a yoga brick, feel breathing and calm!   4.

Sitting and twisting} effect: massage internal organs, reduce back pain, detoxify and beautify, and extend spine! Stabilize both sides of the sciatic bone on the ground, change the posture and extend the leg closest to the ground.


Effect of back arrow against the wall: promote blood flow back, reduce back pain and help reduce dysmenorrhea.

For more comfort, put a blanket under the sciatic bone.

If your hamstrings are tight, move your hips away from the wall or bend your knees a little…

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