Yoga pants are generous, good-looking and have a sense of temperament. They are good-looking without affectation, and their charm is

Yoga pants are generous, good-looking and have a sense of temperament.

They are good-looking without affectation, and their charm is unstoppable.

The matching of yoga pants is a very important topic.

A good match can make the overall dress easier.

If one of them is inappropriate, the overall dress will look very spiritless.

Today, four groups will analyze it for you.

Collocation collocation and collocation is official.

From now on, we are ready to wear it.

If we want to learn collocation, we can add official account number and aesthetics to contact me, and then return to “study”.

In fact, what I want to say about the collocation in the first group is that the collocation of sports style in this group actually appears more in the same texture, because there is more air feeling of sports, so the collocation can make the collocation look more comfortable.

The collocation of the second group should be comfortable.

The overall colors are white and beige.

This kind of white can create an advanced feeling, and beige can feel gentle and white.

The collocation of the third group adopts the collocation of plaid suits and shoes with bright white shoes.

I think this collocation is very good-looking.

Anyway, I know it when I see the picture.

The fourth group adopts the combination of partial knowledge makaron style.

In the process of matching, some pieces such as small square collar and small short sleeves can be added to increase the fashion degree, so as not to be too monotonous.

This group of collocations can be said to be very modern and full of Fairy Spirit.

The whole is very relaxed and happy.

Various elements are very matched and mixed.

It is very beautiful.

The whole is clean and energetic.

People will like it when they see it.

The whole looks fashionable and elegant, very advanced! 1.

Petite and plump girls should try to choose more close fitting, close waist and high waist, and try to choose higher texture in terms of material, so as to shape a better figure.


For elegant girls, it’s best to choose yoga pants that can be slim.

The following is the combination of slimming and slimming: 3.

This kind of yoga pants is a fashionable and versatile combination with long legs.

This length of yoga pants is more elegant and fashionable than shorter yoga pants.


The yoga pants with long waist are the version of small short style, which is also in line with the image of small short style when matching as a whole.

The overall collocation seems to have a richer sense of hierarchy.

This looks more beautiful, and you can match it with a pair of high heels.

When I match it with small white shoes, it looks very comfortable and makes the overall matching look easier.

Single girls can choose to wear like this.

For other girls, it is not necessary to choose to wear like this, which will appear more elegant.

Elegant girls prefer this collocation.

This style of collocation looks more elegant as a whole.

Some boys often ask how this collocation is? So I suggest you decide according to your own situation.


Compared with the collocation of the fourth group, in the overall collocation, the first style is high heels.

The shoes are higher, so the overall visual effect will be better.

High heels can increase the overall height and show more elegant femininity…

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