Yoga pants are the protagonist to wear and match with tops and shoes to show temperament (2)

Yoga pants are the protagonist to wear and match with tops and shoes to show temperament.

The matching of yoga pants has always been a headache.

Wearing a beautiful skirt and changing your mood at home is too much and troublesome.

You can deal with it when you go out far.

Those in a good mood wear a skirt for an hour and those in a bad mood wear a skirt for a few hours.

This article teaches you how to match yoga pants.

I don’t know if you usually wear skirts.

Girls who rarely wear skirts can easily appear abrupt if they don’t understand their matching.

So I’ll share a good way.

Generally speaking, yoga pants are divided into several types, such as our common long skirt, high waist yoga pants and middle waist yoga pants.

This division can be matched according to the fabric, version and color you often choose.

Long skirts can be matched with sneakers, canvas shoes, casual shoes, etc.

if you are petite, you can match with medium high heels or high heels.

A little taller, you can match it with medium heels or thin heels.

High waist long skirt this year’s popular medium and high waist long skirt can wear high waist short skirt, a high waist pants, a high waist short skirt, a half length skirt and a nine point trousers.

The matching style is a personalized style of thin and tall wearing high waist skirt.

Long skirt, high waist pants, with loose shirt and coat.

Loose clothes will give people a feeling of neatness and neatness.

They are fashionable and thin with small white shoes.

If the general wide leg pants and straight pants are matched with nine point pants, then this pair of pants should be matched with a high-heeled shoe or Chelsea boots.

A loose coat looks better with a belt! This can give people a feeling of large chest.

Long knee Yoga Pants actually look better with the same color system.

I’ve seen a lot of yoga pants, which I like better.

This length of skirt can be matched with any shorts and skirts.

If the general high waist skirt is matched with shorts, it will feel that the skirt is short and the pants are long.

The pair of cropped pants with ankle exposed shoes is very casual.

Or sports shoes, or bare Painted Leather shoes, are good.

Trumpet skirt and trumpet long yoga pants are also fashionable and versatile items.

The trumpet skirt is not only thin and versatile, but also flexible and elegant.

Trumpet long yoga pants, free self-cultivation version, lazy temperament, self-cultivation and high.

V-neck yoga pants match the colors of thin V-Neck long yoga pants or split horn yoga pants.

Black, which is more formal, matches more formal shoes, such as high heels.

Now some occasions are more formal skirts with flat shoes.

There are also some skirts that are more casual and wear flat shoes, which are also more feel.

Fairies can choose to go to other people’s stores.

Generally, the colors of the same skirts of popular stars in the season are easier to match.

This looks more like a pair of your shoes.

The picture comes from a microblog called xiaohuiyuan.

I collected a set of fairies in Xianyu.

You can have a look! So if it’s a summer dress, you can wear sandals, which will save you worry…

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