Yoga Pants reflect temperament, leisure and age reduction, good proportion, fashion and simplicity

Yoga Pants reflect temperament, leisure and age reduction, good proportion, fashion and simplicity.

In the matching of yoga pants, long sleeved T-shirts and half length pants are the most common.

If you think it’s too cumbersome to match, you can choose a long sleeved T-shirt in solid color or high waist style, or medium sleeved or short sleeved trousers.

The long sleeved T-shirts mentioned here refer to the middle sleeved and long sleeved T-shirts.

The short sleeved ones are the following ones.

It’s best not to buy short sleeved ones.

The medium sleeve T-shirt itself is very simple.

It can be matched with jeans or leggings.

If the color of trousers is complex, you can choose denim shorts.

First, it will be too hot if the weather is too hot; Second, there is a sense of playfulness.

Long sleeved T-shirts have more pants to choose from, which is more casual and convenient.

Casual jeans are OK, but they must be nine point pants.

Try not to choose six point pants and wide leg pants, which will make you sloppy and slovenly.

Don’t match tight pants, which will give people a bad feeling.

Too casual casual pants, do not choose the length in the middle of the thigh, will give people a very street feeling.

This kind of double-layer shorts is very good-looking.

The retro button pants are both versatile and good-looking.

You can also match trousers, but if it is very long trousers, it is better to match with solid color clothes.

If it is too long clothes, it is recommended to match with half length trousers.

Long sleeved trousers with loose coat, solid color clothes look better, and striped loose T-shirts look good.

Gray loose shirt and white shirt are all very versatile and good-looking pieces.

The white shirt, long sleeved trousers in solid color and a black suit coat look very comfortable.

Jeans are also a good match.

They are more casual.

They can be matched with torn jeans, coats and shirts.

White and blue shirts are recognized as very versatile, and striped shirts are more beautiful.

Black loose shirt, long sleeved T-shirt and jeans are just long enough to pull down the T-shirt, which is also a versatile match.

White shirt with solid color pants is also very good-looking, but I prefer retro style.

Solid color coat, black shirt with black slacks, or small leggings.

In summer, the overall feeling will be very refreshing with white leggings and black leggings.

Dark coat, black shirt and white long sleeved trousers are generally matched with shirts, which is a very good match.

Bright short sleeved T-shirts with shirts are also very nice.

The knitwear is matched with knitted trousers.

The medium and high-grade slim fit is more beautiful, and the shirt with pattern in front will also have some small tricks.

For shirts with complex patterns, it’s good to match them with solid color pants, not tight pants.

It’s also good to match them with loose pants.

When wearing wide leg pants, pay attention to tighten the waist, so that you can look very beautiful.

Similarly, the wide leg pants are also fashionable with white T-shirts.

They look better with brown or nude High Waist Wide Leg Pants…

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