Yoga pants with elegant temperament are more dazzling. They look slender and handsome!

Yoga pants with elegant temperament are more dazzling, showing slender and handsome legs.

The matching of yoga pants has always been a headache for girls.

Today, let’s share some popular yoga pants, which can be worn with either a short coat or a long coat.

The styles are different.

High waist yoga pants are very tall and thin! So how to match with long sleeved yoga pants to be tall and thin? Xiaobian will explain to you.


If you wear long sleeved yoga pants, we try not to match low waist pants.

Try to wear high waist and wide leg pants, so as to give people a feeling of being tall, thin and tall, and close their legs, which will never go wrong.


If we are afraid that high waist yoga pants are uncomfortable to wear, we can choose yoga pants with looser pants and looser and fatter pants, so that our legs can be thinner and taller and thinner.

Don’t choose tight pants, which will make our legs shorter, but cause the effect of big and long legs! 3.

There is also a kind of yoga pants, which is not fit for the lower body.

It is more popular.

It should be matched with a pair of tight pants to fit for the lower body.

In this way, it will appear that the legs will be longer.

There is also a kind of yoga pants, which is fit for the lower body.

This also has the effect of fitting for the lower body.

It is thin, tall, thin and thin at the same time, In this way, we can highlight one of these yoga pants, which is also a good choice.


Match with a pair of wide leg pants.

It’s also good for wide leg pants to match with this red yoga pants.

It’s also very tall and thin.

The High Waist Wide Leg Pants can show the effect of being tall and thin.

When they are thin, they are also tall and kill two birds with one stone! The other is to match the waist closing yoga pants.

Apply the waist closing design to the yoga pants.

The waist closing must be high, so as to achieve the effect of thin and high.

The waist closing is very thin and high! It’s OK to wear it alone.

Four fifths of the whole body is exposed up and down.

At the same time, the design of retracting the waist can make the legs look very thin.

On the contrary, it gives people the feeling that the legs are not long.

Such a combination will look thinner! 5.

There is also a kind of yoga pants with a coat.

This collocation method is more fashionable, thinner and warmer.

Put another Yoga Pants outside.

This collocation is very warm.

With a coat, it will be warmer.

In addition, it can give people a very warm feeling.

It will not be compared with short coats, It looks very warm…

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