Yoga pants with elegant temperament are more dazzling, opening the elegant and beautiful mode, simple and capable

Yoga pants with elegant temperament are more dazzling, opening the elegant and beautiful mode, simple and capable.

The matching of yoga pants has its own tricks, which need you to run in slowly.

As long as you match your wardrobe, your matching will become a popular style.

Fit your own style, and then match with the right clothes, your fashion breath is rising.

People always go high.

People can’t just stay where they are.

Fashion is moving forward.

How can you hide your body defects? Give full play to your advantages, wait for the opportunity, add a brick and a tile for yourself, so that you can not only reopen the gap and become a fashion elite, but also become a fashion trendsetter from the wardrobe.

Give full play to your body advantages.

Just right is the right body.

If you want to wear yoga pants, you must have a simple pair of pants in the wardrobe with different fabrics and styles.

Know which one you are suitable for, where your body advantages are, and what fabrics you are not suitable for.

As I said earlier, only by understanding your body can you match beautiful clothes faster and better.

If you want to know what color, fabric style and occasion you are suitable for, you can start with a shirt for ordinary office workers.

Shirts can be said to be a necessary coat in our wardrobe.

Shirts can be said to be the representative of versatile basic models.

No matter how single the style is, shirts can always match their own style.

The basic style of the shirt is like the versatile style of yoga pants.

If you are afraid of not looking good, you can use the shirt with a pair of pants.

The versatile “shirt with pants” can better highlight the style of the shirt.

Some colors of the shirt match like a gray face without any temperament, but some colors match like very advanced.

As for how to match, there is a small skill, that is, the color of the clothes around you should be higher than the color whiteness of the clothes you match.

In this way, the clothes you match will also look energetic and bright.

If it’s a basic shirt, it doesn’t matter.

You can also open the collar slightly higher, which can have a good effect on lengthening the neck line.

The matching of yoga pants also requires us to master certain methods.

The neckline should be put up as much as possible, so that more necklines can better set off the unique temperament of women.

The waist line should be about 1 / 3 of the height of the chest.

Put the waist down so that you can be thin.

But if there is a lot of meat in the chest, too tight shirts and tight pants will look too wide and won’t be thin.

Yoga pants can also improve the waistline, which can be worn with the help of V-neck shirt without extra clothes.

Add A-line pants or X-shaped pants to show the small waist.

Yoga pants with thin effect do not need to work on the belt.

You can modify the waist line with the help of the belt, and the length can be on both sides of the crotch.

Walking won’t feel awkward.

A better effect should be stretching.

If the waist and crotch are wide, you can cut the hem short, and then wear x-pants will be thin and tall.

If the crotch is wide, clip the length of the clothes on the crotch to make the crotch narrow.

If the length of the clothes is half of the pants, it will make the crotch wide, which is not conducive to diverting attention.

When spring comes, we also need to choose appropriate yoga pants.

Fashion has become a skill you must master.

Start with color, shape and material, and add some printing and embellishment as much as possible to make your yoga pants look better…

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