Yoga pants with outstanding temperament and matching skills enhance the beauty of body shape and have great temperament

The Yoga Pants matching skills with outstanding temperament enhance the beauty of body shape and have great temperament.

There are many matching yoga pants, which are the favorite pants of boys.

There are also many matching pants, including loose version, nine part version, trousers version and shorts version.

If you don’t want to keep your top down, boys can also use a bottomed shirt, or a shirt and a half length yoga pants.

The skirt must be black and gray with a black bottomed shirt.

According to your personal preferences, you can match a black chiffon bottomed shirt in autumn and winter, which is very clean, warm and trendy.

In spring and summer, you can choose thin black yoga pants, such as white and White Chiffon bottomed shirts.

If it’s a pair of pants, you can wear skirts up and down or below the knee.

A black bottomed shirt can match with bottomed jeans.

Khaki, khaki and dark gray are very good.

They must be light.

If a skirt goes with a tight coat.

For example, briefs are easy to show short legs, thick legs, raised hips and shorter legs.

But it doesn’t matter if boys wear it like this.

It’s good to show their waist.

Sometimes little boys wear tights to give male chauvinist boys a sense of conquest.

However, many girls will have the illusion that they are girls when they see boys dressed like this.

Boys can choose yoga pants with octagonal sleeves as shown in Figure 1.

However, it is suggested that the octagonal sleeve yoga pants should be as loose as possible, which will be visually beautiful.

There are many kinds of yoga pants for boys.

For example, the following boys who have no shoulder width and like to close their waist can wear them as shown in Figure 2, because yoga pants do not close their waist, which can reveal part of your waist.

If you still feel difficult, let the men’s ticket buy it for you.

It was also mentioned earlier that boys don’t look good in yoga pants, but girls wear yoga pants.

Although girls are generally in good shape, there are still not many problems in closing their waist, because loose yoga pants have shoulder width at the top and no shoulder width at the bottom.

If your figure is not particularly perfect, you can also wear yoga pants without waist.

The shirt of yoga pants and black yoga pants should be matched.

The neckline needs to be more beautiful, so it looks energetic.

In terms of color, it’s best to be solid color, white, without too many patterns.

The more complex the color, the worse it looks.

Stripes and plaids are easy to dominate.

Match the shirt with black shorts or short skirt: change the shirt into T-shirt or round neck T-shirt, and the color can be black, gray, white, blue, etc.

The shirt will match better with a suit collar shirt.

You can also wear white shirts with black shorts.

Boys’ shirts and shorts are easier to match than girls.

When matching, the arms on both sides are exposed, and the underwear hem is exposed.

If it is not handled well, it will appear very obscene.

The clothes should not be too thin.

Don’t wear tight pants.

Just tuck the shirt into the underwear.

It can’t be tucked in.

If it’s too tight, it’s the same.

For little boys to wear pants, the key thing to pay attention to is, don’t look like this in the picture.

It’s best to cross a corner between the big legs or choose to tuck the pants or coat into the pants…

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