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Yoga teacher said “open chest”, 90% of people actually did wrong!

Master Iyengar once said, “as long as you keep your chest open, you won’t be depressed anymore.”.

One of the reasons why many people are obsessed with yoga is that after every yoga class, they will feel comfortable physically and mentally, and their mental state will be much better.

In fact, our body shape and emotions affect each other.

When we are angry, we will unconsciously shrug our shoulders and block our breath in our chest; When you are depressed, you will have a hunchback; When we are happy or confident, our body will naturally stretch and open, breathe smoothly, and walk briskly! At the same time, when we breathe deeply and open our chest, from the physical level alone, this is originally a positive body posture, and our mood will also show a good state.

In today’s fast-paced society, we will have more or less times of loss, anxiety and stress.

At this time, it is particularly important to learn to adjust our emotions and practice chest yoga.

Here is how to “open the chest” and the corresponding asana exercises.

What is “open chest”? Many times, yoga teachers say “open the chest”.

Gamma people either push the chest forward, or make the ribs protrude, or step on the waist and hips, or push the pelvis forward, and so on.

Only push the chest forward to cause the pelvis to tilt forward.

Then, how do you open the chest? First of all, we must find the position of the chest: from the perspective of yoga anatomy, the chest is a cavity surrounded by sternum, thoracic vertebrae and ribs, and the upper boundary is the upper opening of the chest connected with the neck; The lower boundary is separated from the abdominal cavity by diaphragm.

Organs such as the heart and the lungs in charge of breathing are in the chest.

Simply put, above the diaphragm and below the neck is the thorax.

After understanding the position of the chest cavity, Jia people should know that the chest cavity is three-dimensional.

Opening the chest cavity is not only the opening of the front side of the body, but the expansion of the longitudinal and transverse area of the whole chest cavity, including the front side, rear side, left side, right side and the whole vertical space up and down.

The goal of opening the chest is to achieve the opening, expansion and extension of the whole three-dimensional space.

How to “open the chest”? We can choose a comfortable sitting position, inhale deeply, inhale air into the chest area, feel the overall expansion of the chest, and the chest becomes full.

You can put your hands on both sides of your chest to feel the lateral expansion.

For the expansion of the back of the chest, people can feel it by lying on their back or standing against the wall, and pay more attention to the back of the shoulder blades.

Exhale with chest adduction and repeat 10 ~ 20 times.

In addition to the basic exercises, I’d like to share a set of Yoga sequences that can stretch the body, dredge the breast, and feel comfortable after practicing! 01.

Withdraw from the baby style with both hands on the ground, so that the hips are above the knees, the left hand stretches forward, the palm of the right hand goes up through the left armpit and the right cheek, feel the stretch of the left armpit and the lengthening of the spine, and keep 8 breaths.

Practice on the other side.


Withdraw from the dog style into the dog style with both hands on the ground.

Pay attention to keeping the thigh perpendicular to the ground, Each time you exhale with the back pressure of your legs and feet, feel that your hands extend forward, your chest sinks downward, keep breathing, and stay for 1 minute 03.

Open the heart chakra King Kong seat, open both sides of your arms, the big arm is parallel to the ground, exhale at 90 degrees of the big and small arms, the big arm does not move, the small arm is upward, bend your elbows in an L-shape, open your chest, inhale, and the small arm is parallel to the ground for 5 times, For the sixth time, keep 5 breathing feelings, fully open the chest, and do three groups 04.

Keep the cow face hand sitting in King Kong, bend the elbow upward with the right hand, let the palm find the middle of the shoulder blade, turn the left hand outward and bend the elbow backward, buckle the elbow with the fingers of the right hand, pay attention to the adduction of the ribs, keep the spine extended, and the fingers can not buckle with each other.

Use a towel to help maintain 8 breaths and change the opposite side 05.

Sit in a sitting position, twist the spine and sit on the cushion surface, Bend both knees, put the right foot on the outside of the left thigh, the left foot close to the right hip, inhale and extend the spine, exhale, twist from the bottom of the spine, put the right hand on the back of the body, wrap the left hand around the outside of the right thigh, keep 5-8 breaths, and change the other side.


Supine spine twist, supine on the cushion surface, hold both hands flat, bend the right knee with the palm upward, put the right foot on the left thigh, and twist the body to the left, Turn your head to your right hand and keep 5-8 breaths.

You can often practice the techniques and postures of opening your chest on the other side.

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