7 Yoga boat variants, abuse the abdomen, reduce fat and enhance the core!

To practice yoga, boat pose is almost a necessary pose.

Why should we often practice boat style? Because it can not only enhance the strength of abdominal muscles, eliminate abdominal fat and beautify the back lines, but also prevent visceral sagging, improve gastrointestinal function, eliminate constipation and relieve pressure But for beginners, boat pose is a very challenging pose.

It requires not only strong core strength, but also back and hip muscle strength.

Today, Xiaobian will share 7 boat variants with the people to fully test our core strength.

Let’s have a try! 01 yoga bricks are placed in the first step.

Sit on the bricks with your sitting bones, bend your knees, lift your legs parallel to the ground, straighten your arms forward, enter the simple boat pose, which seems simple and difficult to maintain balance.

02 simple boat pose preparation, slowly straighten your legs into the boat pose, overlap your legs with each other, extend your spine, twist your upper body to the left, grasp your toes with your right hand, and open 03 boat pose preparation with your left hand to the side, Slowly roll your back to the floor and drop your legs down.

Enter the half boat pose.

Your feet and shoulders are about 20cm off the ground.

Your feet are close together.

Keep your insteps straight and your arms straight.

Prepare for the 04 boat pose.

Tighten your core.

Your thighs and abdomen are close to each other.

Your legs are strongly straightened.

Your spine is straight and your arms are straight.

Grasp your big toes with both hands.

Enter the individual pose.

Open your legs to both sides, your legs are straight, your spine is straight, and your chest is unfolded, Relax your shoulders and fight with your hands and feet to better stabilize 06 walking stick preparation.

Stretch the belt cover in a big circle.

One head is put on the shoulder blade of your back and the other head is put on the sole of your foot with a yoga brick.

Lift your legs up to the boat pose, straighten your arms and push the bricks with both feet, so as to better extend your spine.

07 sit and stand, bend your right knee and put your right foot on the root of your left thigh and lift your left leg up, Straighten the left arm and grasp the left toe.

The right arm bypasses the back and grasps the right toe.

The difficulty coefficient is more than three stars.

How many variants can you get? If you can do it, it means that your core strength is leverage..

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