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Does your neck ache? 7 yoga moves to relieve neck tension

Do you have a sore neck? Yoga saves you from office workers, people who bow their heads, or those whose cervical spine has been hurt.

According to the photo, these Yoga actions can alleviate the tension of the neck 360 degrees! Shoulder openeron bolocks kneels on the mat, stands up in front of him with two yoga bricks, and places your eyebrows on the bricks.

Put your hands together and stay up at the back of your neck to relax your head.

Relax and stay for at least 10 breaths.

Cowfacearms kneel on the cushion, extend your right arm as far up as possible, bend your elbow, and naturally lower your right hand to the shoulder blade.

Bend your left elbow back and try to touch your right hand.

This action can stretch your back, but it must not be forced.

You can connect it with a towel.

Stay in this pose for 5 breaths.

If this side is relatively easy for you, exchange your hands once.

Standing farwardfoldwithshoulderopener stands with his hands folded behind his back.

Straighten his arms, bend his knees, fold his body forward, drive his arms forward, keep his arms straight and his head drooping naturally.

Take your flexibility as the criterion, don’t force it, relax your neck and keep breathing for 5-10 hours.

Shoulderopener atwall stand with your forearms against the wall, arms parallel, elbows apart, not higher than your shoulders.

Step back a few steps so that your body and legs are at 90 °, close your chin, and your cervical spine is parallel to the ground to relax naturally.

Hold five breaths.

Supportedfishpose bends his knees and stands on the cushion to the left.

Erect one Yoga brick under his shoulder blade when lying flat, and place the other yoga brick horizontally on his head, where he usually sits on the pillow.

(this is a relaxed posture.

Please choose the height of the Yoga brick according to your body flexibility, or use a relatively hard pillow to replace it.) lie your body flat, adjust the position of the Yoga brick to be comfortable, and place your hands on both sides of your body.

Maintain at least 5 breaths.

Threadtheneedle kneeling on both legs, bench type, put your right arm under your body, place your right shoulder and right temple naturally on the ground, and stretch your left hand naturally.

After 10 breaths, repeat on the other side.

Seatedspinaltwist sit on the mat with legs straight, back straight, bend the right knee upward, and place the right foot on the outside of the left knee.

You can keep your left leg straight or bend your left knee and cross your legs.

Surround your right leg with your left arm and put your right hand behind the sciatic bone to naturally drive the body to twist.

Hold five breaths and repeat on the other side.

Finally, the simplest way, please! no Yes! Do it! Low! Head! Clan! It really hurts to watch your mobile phone while walking.

Your body is not invincible.

Please be kind to it before the pain begins! RECOMM.

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