Cold hands and feet in winter, afraid of cold? This warm Yoga sequence should be practiced often!

Have you noticed that your muscles feel tighter in winter? Cold causes the body to contract, which in turn causes discomfort in the shoulders and spine.

Similarly, lower temperatures can also have a negative impact on other aspects of daily life, including sleep and mental health.

In order to adjust this experience, it is recommended to turn to the winter Yoga sequence to stimulate you to bring calories back to your body.

From gently opening your chest and hips to readjusting your breathing, warm you up in cold weather by practicing this winter Yoga sequence: sit up and side bend and stretch your side in this simple pose.

Start with simple sitting, cross your legs, put your right hand on the ground, bend your elbow slightly, lift your left hand over your head, gently stretch to the right, turn your eyes to the sky, remember to compact your hips, keep breathing a few times, and then practice on the other side.


Sit twist use this gentle twist to relax tense muscles.

Start with simple sitting, inhale and raise your arms over your head, relax your shoulders and let it exhale away from your ears, put your right hand on your left knee, put your left arm behind your body, exhale, twist to the back of your left arm, inhale, lift your arms up, and then change sides to practice 3 Cat / cow pose starts to accumulate heat in the body through this simple dynamic exercise.

Prepare for the four legged kneeling posture, with the shoulders above the wrists and hips above the knees, open your fingers, compact the ground, exhale, including the chest arch back, the chin looks for the collarbone, look at the navel, the back as far as possible upward, inhale in an arc, raise your head, straighten your chest, the hips upward, tighten and sink your abdomen.

4 Downward dog pose downward dog pose continues to increase your calories.

After several rounds of cat / cow pose, move your hands forward slightly, spread your fingers, lift your knees off the ground, keep your head and shoulders in line, push your heels to the ground, straighten your legs, breathe evenly, lengthen your tailbone and lift your hips up for 5 The flat board style stimulates your core strength, so that your abdominal muscles add more calories to the winter Yoga sequence.

Starting from the downward dog pose, roll the weight forward to the plate tightening core.

If you can, lower it to the four pillar support and come to the upward dog pose to continue practicing “Vinyasa”.


Phantom chair phantom chair can generate heat in your legs, core and arms.

Starting from the downward dog pose, walk or jump to the front of the mat, put your feet together, squeeze your legs when bending your knees, lift your arms up, relax your shoulders away from your ears, find strength through your legs and core, pay attention to the feeling of stepping on the ground and exhale on the soles of your feet, and retreat your left foot back 7 Crescent uses some lunges to increase heat.

Put your left leg behind you, your left knee on the ground and your right knee directly above your ankle.

When inhaling, put your hands in front of your thighs, exhale and sink your hips.

When you are ready, lift your arms over your head, continue to lengthen when inhaling, sink when exhaling, and put your hands on both sides of your feet, ready to transition to the next position 8 Reverse warrior uses reverse warrior to build more strength on the legs, core and arms.

When you enter Warrior II, put your arms up, stare at the hand in front of you, relax your shoulders, inhale away from your ears, turn the front palm towards the flower board, then exhale, lift it up over your head, put your left hand on your hind leg, exhale after several rounds of breathing, and put your hands down, ready to transition to the next position 9 Wild pose, use this warm posture to burn yourself up.

When you exhale, bend your upper knee and open your hips.

Keep your upper body in place.

Slowly, let your hips continue to open.

You can stay here, or let your right toe touch the ground, turn your chest up and keep breathing for several times, and then transition back to one leg downward dog pose.

Feel free to do a few “Vinyasa” here or keep it in downward dog pose, Then repeat this series of postures on the other side 10 After the baby pose is completed on the left and right sides, put down your knees and come to the baby pose with your toes together.

Your knees are the same width as the cushion.

Sit back, extend your arms forward, sit your hips to your heels, and relax here for several deep breaths.

From this rest position, you can directly transition to the body spreading pose.

Lie on your back with your arms on your side and close your eyes.

Fully absorb all the warmth of this winter Yoga sequence…

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