Which is the most difficult pose in yoga? Did you find out?

  http://www.yymyoga.com/YYMYoga What is the most difficult pose of pure yoga that integrates your body and mind? This? This? Or this? No, the hardest thing is this one! In a yoga class, do you think the final relaxation technique “body straightening” is very “simple”? Lie on your back, listen to the teacher’s guide words, and use your consciousness to relax every part of your body; You don’t need to make efforts to do asana, and you can’t feel the role of corpse straightening.

Do you think it’s useless? ● what is “corpse propping”? “It’s like a corpse lying on its back on the ground.

It’s called the corpse propping posture.”—— The light of Hatha Yoga is like when life leaves, the body returns to stillness, there is no more movement, and the mind is peaceful and quiet.

If I say Yoga rest can alleviate and treat many diseases, you must be unimaginable.

Because for healthy people, you can feel relaxation and spiritual energy repair at most during 5-10 minutes of corpse spreading rest.

In people with physical diseases, the physical changes caused by rest surgery are very huge.

▼ this short rest technique, You will have unexpected gains ● why do you want to do the “corpse raising posture”? “Taming the Qi of life depends on the nerves.

Without any violent movement of the body, stable, smooth, subtle and deep breathing can relieve the nerves and calm the spirit.

Modern civilization has caused great pressure on human nerves, and the corpse raising posture is the best antidote.”—— Light of yoga for modern people, yoga has the uniqueness that is different from other sports and fitness methods.

Not violent, but gentle.

Breathe and breathe slowly and naturally.

“Spirit is the king of senses, and the Qi of life is the king of spirit.

When the spirit is focused, this is called the final liberation of the soul.

When the Qi of life and the spirit are focused for a moment, an unspeakable happiness appears.”—— The “corpse raising” in the light of yoga is not only the body, but also involves breathing and spirit, and the final guidance is spirituality.

Although the body is completely relaxed, the brain is alert, consciously relax, eliminate tension, fatigue, calm the restless heart, and make the body and mind full of vitality again.

Often doing the corpse posture can effectively improve and treat insomnia.

It doesn’t matter that you can’t perceive the delicacy of the corpse raising type at this stage.

Don’t worry.

It’s only temporary.

If you keep practicing, you will have a harvest.

This harvest may not be spiritual or spiritual, but it must have a role for your body, but you can’t see or feel it at present.

As we go deeper into spiritual life and develop character and consciousness, the different fluctuations of the mind will become more subtle.

One can express emotions more deeply than ever before.

Aiming at the eternal question of “what is yoga”, patangali said: “athayogaanushaanam” Yoga is a kind of self-discipline.

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