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Fitness is a very difficult thing. Practicing yoga makes you work hard and gain a lot!

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Fitness loving friends will encounter this situation more or less: there will always be a period of time, whether you practice on Friday or Wednesday, you don’t feel your ability has improved.

At this time, many people will question their bodies.

In fact, you just encounter a period that most people will have – the bottleneck period of fitness.

So, how to treat our fitness bottleneck rationally and spend this period more efficiently? It is recommended that you can try yoga for a period of time.

Next, I’ll bring a group of yoga pose practice methods.

Move quickly! 1.

Bird king style ↑ correct your mind.

Fitness has never been an easy thing.

If you look at it too simply, you are bound to be hit.

Detailed action: basic standing posture, upper left arm and lower right arm, arms around each other, palms opposite each other.

Bend your legs, cross your right leg over your left knee, hook the instep of your right foot to the belly of your left leg, inhale and look ahead.

Exhale, bend your left knee, lean your upper body forward, keep your abdomen close to your thigh, and look ahead.


Dance style ↑ let’s relax and keep exercising.

Detailed explanation of action: basic standing posture: lift the right leg backward, hold the right ankle with the right hand, move the body forward and downward, move the right leg backward and upward, straighten the left hand forward and look at the fingers.


One leg standing balance ↑ empty your mind and focus on your breathing, you can do a good job.

Detailed explanation of action: basic standing posture, lift the right leg to the right, surround the right hand from the inner side of the right thigh, cross the hands behind, extend the back, bend down and look at the ground.


Tree + reverse prayer ↑ fitness also requires a reasonable diet.

Do not calculate calorie intake.

If you want to lose fat, don’t reward yourself with a so-called reward after hard training, which will make your hard work go to waste.

Detailed explanation of action: in the basic standing posture, lift the left leg off the ground, put the heel on the inner side of the right thigh, open the left knee as far as possible, tighten the hips, and close the hands behind the back.


Anti warrior ↑ the practice of this action can strengthen the strength of the legs and lengthen the lines of the legs! Detailed explanation of the action: the right leg is in the front and the left leg is in the back, the heel of the right foot is aligned with the center of the left foot, bend the right knee downward, the right knee should not exceed the right toe, lift the left arm upward, and the arm drives the body to extend obliquely behind.


Triangle twist ↑ fitness is inseparable from strength training.

This posture can strengthen leg muscles, remove the stiffness of legs and hips, relieve back pain and neck sprain, strengthen ankles and strengthen chest.

Detailed explanation of the action: the legs are separated by the length of one leg, the heel of the right foot is aligned with the center of the left foot, twist the body, put the left hand on the outside of the right foot, extend the left arm upward, and look at the hand on the upper side.

In short, you should understand that fitness is a very difficult thing.

You can’t go to the gym every day to have good results and gain nothing without hard work.

Correct thinking, correct method selection, coupled with excellent perseverance, you will soon say goodbye to the bottleneck period! Please believe that the good figure you want is waiting for you not far away.

Come on!..

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