Guo Ruoxi: 26 Yoga shaping classes. The top private education of Weimi supermodel will help you get a good figure

Figure is probably a topic that women can’t escape all their life.

How to define beauty? Some women’s beauty comes from their bones.

In addition to her face, it depends on her posture and symmetrical and elegant figure.

For example, Zhong Chuxi can’t think of any other words to describe her except beauty and high sense.

Zhong Chuxi’s temperament and aura kill one small flower in the entertainment circle.

Not only that, Zhong Chuxi’s figure is also recognized as good.

This superior shoulder and neck line and slender Swan arm are really admirable.

She danced ballet with Guan Xiaotong on the same stage.

Her slender waist and clearly swinging Swan arm and neck are quite amazing.

Guan Xiaotong looks like her neck is leaning forward and her shoulders are not open.

She looks particularly strong with a thick waist and round shoulders.

In contrast, she was crushed by Zhong Chuxi in an instant.

Not only that, Zhong Chuxi also has a pair of big and long legs against the sky, with straight legs and tight muscles.

He is worthy of the name of slender and straight “chopstick legs”, and the supermodel is not too tall.

Look at Zhong Chuxi’s temperament, posture and figure.

It’s strange not to envy him.

But compared with the figure, posture is 100 times more important.

Without good posture, even if you become a model, you won’t look good.

Even if your appearance is against the sky, your temperament will be reduced by N grades every minute.

Can not wear suspenders, can not wear shirts, because the shoulder line is not good-looking, but also hunchback, tiger back and bear waist, just like a middle-aged aunt; Lose 10 kg, still can’t get rid of the belly.

Every time you wear jeans and short skirts, your belly is a little prominent, and you’re ridiculed by your friends whether you’re getting fat; The neck leans forward, so every time I take a picture with my friends, it looks either a little obscene or an unspeakable old-fashioned.

I feel that I am 10 years older than my peers in an instant.

After the age of 25, the metabolism of the body slows down, and the girl’s sense is replaced by the vulgar aunt’s temperament.

After giving birth to the child, the skin and flesh are loose, and her husband dislikes it.

There is no amorous feelings ~ whenever these times, she especially wants to have a star like elegant body, good figure and good temperament.

Eager to practice Swan arms and long legs If you want to keep beautiful, please practice your body posture.

Do you have any questions about body shape and posture? A person’s body and posture are ugly.

Even with the most exquisite makeup and noble clothes, it will be lost in the crowd at a glance.

Curled up and hunched over, even the most beautiful face will be damaged.

Do you also have these invisible problems: for ordinary people, the road to lose weight, shape and beauty is full of difficulties…

No time: we are busy from morning to night every day, and we don’t have enough time to go to bed.

How can we have a large amount of time to lose weight? Too expensive: thousands of fitness cards, and hundreds of thousands of private education in a class; Poor effect:.

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