Yoga teacher doesn’t know the complete collection of asana choreography skills (Collection Edition)

Click the blue word to pay attention to the comfort of our yoga class practice, which has a vital relationship with whether the sequence of yoga teachers’ class arrangement is sufficiently consistent.

Of course, only the coherence before and after yoga postures is not enough.

Whether the sequence of yoga postures is in line with the scientific nature of human body structure movement is also the main determinant of whether a yoga class is effective, comfortable and pleasant.

It can be seen that there are two important principles for yoga teachers to arrange classes.

First, the overall coherence of Yoga asanas.

Second, whether the yoga posture arrangement is rigorous and scientific.

For example, after the practice of backward bending type postures, you need to practice the corresponding forward bending postures to make the spine adapt step by step, and return to the back in this way.

For another example, there is a rule that people who often practice the posterior thigh ligament tend to be relatively stiff in the front of the thigh.

Therefore, after the back thigh stretching exercise, you need to carry out the corresponding front thigh stretching exercise, so that the body can achieve balance training for this behavior.

This is also Xiaobian’s experience in yoga teaching and self-cultivation in recent ten years.

Therefore, before arranging classes, yoga teachers need to have a classified picture of yoga postures, so as to quickly and scientifically select the elements of postures that need to be practiced.

Treat every yoga student seriously and responsibly.

Here are some pictures of yoga postures shared by Xiaobian.

Please collect it so that you can query it when you need it.

Yoga posture classification and lesson arrangement skills 01 # standing posture class lesson arrangement skills standing posture type.

This kind of posture is suitable for arranging to the middle stage of a yoga class.


Sitting posture class scheduling skills sitting posture class.

This kind of posture is suitable for arranging after the sit in warm-up of a yoga class, or before the prone or supine posture.

03 , class arrangement skills of backward bending posture: backward bending posture, which is suitable to be arranged after the warm-up of the spine and before the forward bending posture.

04 , hand and leg support posture lesson arrangement skill hand and leg support posture, which is suitable for arranging to the middle stage of a yoga class, which is about to enter the peak posture stage.


Arm support and handstand balance postures lesson arrangement skills arm support and handstand balance postures are advanced postures, which are suitable for arranging to the peak stage of a yoga class.

As a challenge practice, remember not to arrange too many, 1-3 are enough.

06 , whole body exercise sequence 07 , shoulder neck waist back relaxation sequence 08 , handstand sequence 09 , wheel sequence 10 , monkey sequence 11 , elbow handstand sequence 12 , crow sequence 13 , side crow sequence 14 , pigeon sequence 15 , insect sequence 16 , lower back relaxation sequence 17 , sleeping Yoga sequence 18 , one leg side board sequence 19 , lotus sequence wonderful recommendation 30 day tutor intensive camp breaks through the bottleneck and promotes to high-level primary → intermediate → advanced.

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