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How do the eight branches of Yoga appear in each asana? Practice in asana practice

In fact, after practicing yoga asanas for a long time, you will find that “the eight branches of yoga are included in the practice of asana”.

Today, taking the first “precepts” of the eight branches of yoga as an example, I will explain how to practice the philosophy of the eight branches of yoga in asanas.

The first of the eight branches of yoga is to keep the precepts, which is like a tree root, because keeping the precepts is the foundation from which everything comes.

“Keeping the precepts” is non violent, true, non stealing, abstinence and non greed.

Suppose that when you do postures, the right side stretches more than the left side, and this unreasonable state enters the body.

The right side that stretches more will be hurt due to excessive stretching, and the left side that stretches less seems to be harmless.

But observe carefully: while consciously inflicting damage on one side, it is also unconsciously inflicting damage on the other side, because this part of the cells will become weaker and weaker if they do not exert their due extension.

Therefore, one side shows intentional injury and the other side shows unintentional injury.

If the right side stretches more, but the left side does not stretch equally, should you observe the opposition between the left and right sides, wisely extend the left side and make the left and right sides equal.

In this way, there is a balance between injury and non injury.

At this time, both injury and non injury are eliminated.

The left and right sides of the body must be integrated, and the balance of both sides is the real non injury.

When the left and right sides are integrated, the second principle in the commandment is reached: truth.

You don’t need to observe reality.

You’re already in reality, because you’re not afraid to practice the weaker side.

When the postural method is fully extended, the five levels in the body, from the body level to the spiritual level, from the spiritual level to the body level, will fully blend with each other, and can control the body’s senses, the fluctuation of the heart, and the meditation of wisdom.

This is moderation.

Moderation means that the soul follows your actions.

When the soul and actions are integrated, it is moderation.

Because you practice with the same concentration on the left and right sides, you have no attachment or greed, because when the soul follows the wisdom in the body, you have nothing to desire and nothing to ask for.

You are free from greed, because motivation disappears; When motivation disappears, greed also disappears.

Without greed, desire ends.

When practicing asana, the principles of these commandments are presented in each individual pose, which is the moral practice in asana practice.

If you are distracted enough, you will find that asana practice is internal practice.

— excerpt from Iyengar’s “tree of yoga” guess you like: [Video] see the Yoga Sun Salutation a sequence that will be collected [Video] 6-minute wheel Advanced Guide to make your wheel more perfect [GIF] Yoga action for thin thighs.

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