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Natural yoga dance fitness training center yoga instructor training course enrollment!

Natural yoga dance fitness training center yoga instructor training course enrollment! “Maybe you’re thinking about what to do after graduation? Maybe you’re worried about having no goals? Maybe you want to have a second career you like? Maybe you’re lonely without an elegant career? Maybe you want to have a well paid and healthy career? Maybe you lack a way of exercise?…

choose the right career and live a beautiful life! Instead of on the road to 996 Why don’t you try to become an ordinary wrinkle instead of an ordinary wrinkle in the kitchen? Why choose [natural yoga and dance fitness training center] 1.

The unique teaching system, with advantages on the starting line, 20 years of teaching experience, unique gold medal teaching system, teaching methods recognized by international training institutions, and strong teachers are the absolute guarantee of your course.


Precise posture teaching method can avoid Yoga accidental injury, ensure the effectiveness of each Yoga skill, avoid injury, and avoid Yoga accidental injury and harm caused by mistake, ambiguity and confusion.


Complete course content and comprehensive quality, including yoga philosophy, yoga physiology, Yoga Sutra, yoga diet, sports and nutrition and other highly praised Yoga theories.


The one-stop training platform has changed from zero foundation to one-stop training platform for senior yoga coaches.


Pay equal attention to theory and practice, find and solve problems, explain Yoga Culture in detail, explain postural method in detail, make intensive contact, practice the contents learned every day, correct mistakes in time, solve practical problems encountered in the course, and ensure digestion of daily courses.


Arrange internship and issue certificates to ensure employment.

Students who pass the examination can arrange internship.

After the internship, they can be arranged to the gym, dance room and yoga studio).


Eternal backing: worry free after graduation, sustainable return to our library to study and improve the enrollment target 1.

Zero foundation, members with practice experience, lovers who want to systematically learn yoga, and students who are in school or graduating; 2.

Want to have a more sunny and higher paid worker; 3.

Friends who want to start their second health career; 4.

Both men and women can sign up to teach / learn / DA / Gang 01 theory, philosophy 1.

Yoga theory: origin / history / breathing / meditation / chanting / chakra / Yoga nutrition 2.

Yoga anatomy: functional anatomy / overview of musculoskeletal system / learning the types of muscles and joints of the body 3.

Yoga posture: accuracy / body control / flow / correction principles / use of auxiliary tools 4 Yoga Teaching: password skills / posture display orientation and skills / routine sequence arrangement / peak sequence arrangement / theme course sequence arrangement / physiotherapy course arrangement / group teaching (simulated real teaching classroom) 5.

Yoga teacher’s professional quality and professional development planning 6 Work practice: after completing the study and passing the examination, you can stay in the teaching assistant practice Part 02 of the library ● primary posture method ● intermediate posture method ● advanced posture method ● teaching method.

The learning time is 60 class hours.

03 Yoga classroom teaching 1.

Posture voice guidance: take brevity, clarity and focus as the principle.


The arrangement of yoga courses at different levels; 3.

Trainee drill: practice produces true knowledge.

Your reward students will receive the final examination after completing their studies.

The examination contents include written examination, member classroom simulation, graduation thesis and advanced posture display.

Only those who pass the examination will be issued a certificate.

The assessment contents include yoga theoretical knowledge, posture guide words, auxiliary techniques, teaching methods, classroom notes, after-school homework, classroom performance Attendance rate……

class address Tumen Xiangshang Street Dongguan Hotel left hotel garden gate natural color yoga dance fitness training center course cost international Yoga League college senior yoga instructor training class 9800 yuan course cost national Yoga League ryt200 senior yoga instructor training class 9800 yuan authorization card certificate sample international Yoga League college senior yoga instructor training class 9800 yuan all American Yoga Alliance ryt200 advanced yoga instructor training course 9800 yuan double certificates enjoy preferential prices and warm tips * once the registration and payment is successful, if you can’t participate for personal reasons, you will not be refunded, but the quota can be transferred or reserved for the next period.

Please make reasonable arrangements and consider carefully before signing up* Everything is subject to the actual payment and registration.

If you want to yoga, don’t worry and hesitate.

Now is the “best age”.

If you want to be an excellent yoga teacher, natural Yoga coach class is your best choice ~..

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