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Practice yoga to strengthen this muscle strength and get twice the result with half the effort!

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Many Jiaren leave a message and ask that they have practiced yoga for a period of time, and some have specially trained for the abdomen, but the effect of thin abdomen is not obvious! Especially the lower abdomen, the meat is particularly loose! In fact, if you want to lose weight, you must first learn to activate the transverse abdominal muscle.

The transverse abdominal muscle is located in the deep layer of the abdomen and is the source muscle and stabilizing muscle of the abdominal muscle.

If the transverse abdominal muscle is weak, even if you have been strengthening the rectus abdominis and internal and external oblique abdominal muscles, the effect is very little! Today, yogi Xiaobian shares a complete set of abdominal core training sequence, which must be collected! 1.

The inclined plate enters the inclined plate from the downward dog type, pay attention to the core, the arm muscles start and stay for 5 breaths.


The side plate type enters the side plate type from the inclined plate, the right hand supports the ground, the body side to the right core is tightened, the right hip is lifted upward, the left hand is extended upward, stay for 5 breaths.


The counter table enters the counter table from the inclined plate, the hip sits on the ground, the legs are extended straight forward, the hands are placed on the back of the body, exhale and tighten the core, Lift the hip upward, open the chest, lift the pubis upward, tighten the inner thigh, and stay for 5 breaths.


Exit the side panel from the reverse table, enter the side panel, support the ground with the left hand, tighten the body to the left core, lift the left hip upward, straighten the right hand upward, and stay for 5 breaths.


Exit from the side panel, enter the four column support, and stay from the four column support, Enter the upper dog pose and return to the lower dog pose to adjust 5 breaths 8.

From the lower dog pose to the wild pose, first enter the one legged lower dog pose, turn the body to the right, pay attention to the core tightening, lift the hip up and stay for 5 breaths, change to the other side 9.

Exit the lower dog pose from the wild pose and return to the lower dog pose to adjust 5 breaths.

Strengthening the transverse abdominal muscle can not only get twice the result with half the effort, but also strengthen the abdominal pressure, Improve low back pain! The contents of the official account indicate that the copyright is owned by all the original sources (which can not verify the copyright or do not indicate the source)..

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