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Why is it difficult to slim your waist|| Yoga knowledge planet

/No.1 (click to learn by audio) Yoga knowledge planet 1 | Ruqi 124※ when you want to burn abdominal fat, you insist on punching in and practicing abdominal movements all the time to shape abdominal muscles.

As a result, touching your stomach doesn’t change at all, but you gain lumbar acid.

Where’s the password to burn abdominal fat? If your abdomen is still sleeping and you don’t participate actively, no matter how many actions you practice, it won’t have much effect.

The important thing to practice your abdomen is not the action itself, but whether you can do it.

First ask yourself if you can contract your abdomen.

Can you contract your abdominal muscles? Tighten your abdominal muscles.

If you can’t do it at all, first practice by yourself.

Sit down and practice.

First contract your upper abdomen, and then contract your lower abdomen.

The better you contract, the higher your abdominal muscle participation will be, and the more you can practice your abdominal muscles in your movements.

The quality of training is far more important than the quantity.

If you can contract your abdominal muscles well, try abdominal contraction again to see if the effect will satisfy you.

Contract your abs in the following actions.

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