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Seven yoga postures strengthen the core & flat lower abdomen, which is super effective!

The core is located in the middle of the body and connects the upper and lower parts of the human body.

In the process of yoga practice, it is not only the basis for maintaining body balance, stability and strength, but also the necessary condition for rapid progress and advanced and difficult postures.

Therefore, the core of yoga is very important! Xiaobian shares 7 yoga postures, which can not only strengthen the core strength, but also thin the lower abdomen.

People must practice often.


Cross balance the kneeling posture of one or four feet, raise the right leg behind the shoulder, straighten the left hand forward along the inner side of the body, extend the chest, relax the shoulder, keep 5-8 breaths at the hip level, and change the opposite side.


Enter the tiger pose in the two up individual pose, bend the right knee and thigh forward, lower the head and arch the back, retract the abdomen, sink the shoulder, and bend the left hand, Keep 5-8 breaths when your elbows and right knees touch each other.

Change the opposite side.


Support the tiger second entry with the elbow board.

Straighten your legs and toes.

Step on the ground with the elbow under the shoulder.

Tighten the core of the forearm support, tighten the thighs, lift up the neck and relax.

Keep 5-8 breaths with a diagonal line.


Enter with the side bracket elbow board support, put the center of gravity on the right hand with both hands, and turn to the outside of the left and right feet, Feet close together, right arm vertical to the ground, hip away from the core of the ground, tighten, extend the left hand upward to maintain 5-8 breaths, change to the opposite side.


Sit in boat style, bend your knees and step on the ground, put your fingertips forward on the back of your hips, lift up the chest, extend the spine upward, lift your legs parallel to the ground, straighten your arms forward, keep the palm stable relative to the core, and maintain 5-8 breaths.


Enter in half boat style, Straighten your legs in turn, roll your back back, fall your legs down at the same time, form a 30 degree angle between your legs and the ground, lift your knees and thighs, and extend your toes to maintain 5-8 breaths.


Half boat variant half boat entry, bend your right knee and thigh close to your abdomen, wrap your hands around your right knee, pull your right leg to the core of your body, tighten your right leg, keep your toes tight, and maintain 5-8 breaths.

It’s too sour to practice your abdomen on the opposite side, If you practice regularly, you can also become the queen of vest line.

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