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Yoga healing | everyone says “rectus abdominis”, but 90% of people don’t understand the underlying principle and talk through rectus

About the postpartum repair course, today I will give you a detailed physiotherapy analysis to help you understand why the rectus abdominis is separated, what symptoms will be caused, how to conduct accurate evaluation and the most effective manual correction method.

An article is completely explained.

It is suggested that every mother should read it, every yoga teacher should study it, and every woman should understand it.

Almost every mother will find that after giving birth to the baby, but the stomach is still there.

The loose and boastful belly can’t be reduced.

As a result, there will be dieters and wrong dieters (sit ups), which will eventually lead to not only not losing a small waist, but also injuring the rectus abdominis again.

01 how is rectus abdominis separation formed? When the baby is still in the belly of the mother to be, as he grows up slowly, the enlarged uterus protrudes from the pelvic cavity and gradually expands the space to the abdomen, and the abdomen of the mother to be begins to grow larger and larger.

The enlarged uterus will exert pressure on the rectus abdominis.

In the process of the enlargement of the uterus, other body organs will shift, and the narrow abdominal cavity will become more and more crowded, resulting in the lengthening of the muscle fibers of the rectus abdominis and the gradual separation of the left and right bundles of rectus abdominis connected in parallel.

The harm of rectus abdominis separation is far greater than you think.

After childbirth, “big belly woman” and “small waist before pregnancy and like meat bag after pregnancy”.

Many baomoms will find that the original good curve will disappear when they have just given birth to their baby? Especially in the abdomen, even if there is not much meat, it is still loose.

In fact, it is largely caused by the separation of rectus abdominis muscle.

The greater the separation degree of rectus abdominis, the weaker the strength of abdominal muscles.

The ability to stabilize the pelvis and lumbar spine will be weakened, and the bearing capacity for the lumbar back will be reduced.

Therefore, over time, the degree of lumbar back pain will increase, and lumbar back pain and lumbar muscle strain will appear.

At the same time, it may also induce lumbar disc herniation.

Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction pelvic floor muscle refers to the muscle group that closes the pelvic floor.

This muscle group is like a “hanging net”.

The urethra, bladder, vagina, uterus, rectum and other organs are tightly hung by this “net”, so as to maintain their normal position in order to exercise their functions.

Once the elasticity of the “net” becomes poor and the “lifting force” is insufficient, the organs in the “net” will not be able to maintain in the normal position, resulting in corresponding dysfunction, such as urinary incontinence, pelvic floor organ prolapse, etc.

03 how to accurately evaluate the first step of rectus abdominis separation? First, evaluate whether it is upper separation or lower separation.

① lie on your knees and bend your legs 90 °, and relax your legs slightly.

First put your hands behind your head; ② When exhaling, slowly roll your abdomen upward, and put one hand perpendicular to the abdominal wall in the middle of rectus abdominis and 2 ~ 3cm above the navel; ③ To evaluate the separation of several fingers, if you don’t touch the separation, it is the upper separation without rectus abdominis.

④ Use the same method to evaluate whether there is lower separation 2 ~ 3cm below the navel.

The second step is to confirm whether it is intermediate type or complete type ① slowly roll the abdomen upward, place one hand perpendicular to the abdominal wall in the middle of the rectus abdominis, start from the navel and detect the separation degree of the rectus abdominis in the direction of the xiphoid process of the sternum.

② After relaxing, slowly roll your abdomen upward, put one hand perpendicular to the abdominal wall in the middle of the rectus abdominis, and start from the navel to the pubic bone to detect the separation degree of the rectus abdominis.

③ If the position from the navel to the pubic bone is only concentrated near the navel, it is the separation of the intermediate rectus abdominis.

If there is separation from the navel to the pubic bone until the pubic symphysis, it is the complete separation of the rectus abdominis.

04 how to repair rectus abdominis? After production, many nurses will suggest that you bind your abdomen with gauze or abdominal band, so that you can recover quickly.

The principle is to temporarily pull the separated rectus abdominis muscle together through restraint.

However, this method can not promote the real recovery of rectus abdominis separation.

Of course, after Baoma understands these situations, she must not be in a hurry to restore the strength of abdominal muscles.

She must do some abdominal exercises too early, such as abdominal curling exercise and sit ups.

This will only make the rectus abdominis more and more serious.

Baoma must remember.

Therefore, the recovery of rectus abdominis separation and the training of transverse abdominal muscle and oblique abdominal muscle are the real focus.

05 rectus abdominis separation repair method rectus abdominis upper separation repair method repair key points: abdominal internal and external oblique and diaphragm boat ① sit on the yoga mat, support the back of the body with both hands, tilt the body back slightly, find the positive position of the body to the side, and tighten the side.

② If you can’t start abdominal strength, you can also tie it with elastic band.

The back muscles are activated, the shoulder blades are far away from the ears, the ribs are recovered, the internal and external oblique muscles of the abdomen are activated in the direction of the groin, and the transverse abdominal muscles are activated to lift the legs with the strength of the abdominal muscles.

Key points of repair: find the joint action of transverse abdominal muscle and internal and external oblique muscle around the navel.

Side plate type ① start the big toe ball, small toe ball and heel.

Put a yoga brick in front of your feet to keep the lying in woman in the positive position of mountain pose, pelvis, anterior superior iliac spine and pubic symphysis in line.

② Push the big toe ball far away, lift the pelvic floor muscle along the inner side of the leg, lift the hip off the ground when exhaling, and inhale and put it down.

When exhaling, don’t lift your hips too much and keep your spine in line with your body.

③ If the pregnant woman finds the feeling of tightening in the middle of the abdominal cavity, she can also do static breathing for 3 ~ 5 deep breaths.

After the above explanation, do you have a deeper and thorough understanding of postpartum rectus abdominis separation.

In the physiotherapy industry, only by understanding the principle, accurate evaluation and correction, can we make effects quickly and effectively.

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