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Splitting is too difficult. Yoga helps you open your crotch. A few moves make you more confident

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Some people say that smiling girls are the most beautiful, while others say that confident girls are the most beautiful.

Xiaobian believes that a kind and gentle girl is the most beautiful! Many people cannot observe a person’s inner through the ordinary outside.

Then, let those kind but ordinary girls work hard to shape their external image.

The most important thing is that you can fall in love with yoga, cultivate yourself, sublimate yourself, and be more confident and sunny.

That charm is radiant, confident and proud! Be your only queen, you are the only one! If you say such heroic words, you will naturally take practical action! Practice yoga every day.

Persistence is the weight for you to become beautiful.

Elephant trunk pose: the difficulty of this pose is medium, which tests a person’s strength and the flexibility of leg muscles.

Practicing this pose can strengthen the body and make the body softer.

Starting from sitting on the ground, keep your upper body straight, relax and sink your shoulders, first lift your right leg up, adjust your breathing, lift your left leg up, hold your right hand back, step your left hand over the inner side of your left leg and hold the ground down, and bend your left knee so that your left leg is placed on your back.

The head tilts slightly to the left.

Support your arms on the ground with your hips off the ground.

Feel the fat burning in your arms.

Tighten your abdomen and breathe evenly.

Don’t hold your breath.

Stick to the action for 30 seconds, put down the right leg first, and then put down the left leg to restore the original posture.

Arm spread on chair: this pose can stretch the arm well, beautify the arm line, flexible spine and beautify the back line.

At the same time, stretch the side waist to eliminate side waist fat.

Detailed movements: kneel on the ground, with your back upright, your hips back on your heels, your insteps close to the ground, your knees close together, inhale, lift your arms up and cross, palms up, your head slightly upward, and your eyes upward.

Feel your breath, feel the stretch of your side waist, the strength of your upper body against your hips, and the feeling of your upper body standing tall and straight.

Pay attention to open your chest and stand up.

Can have breast enhancement effect.

Stick to the action for a while and return to the original action.

Arm stretching posture: practicing this posture frequently helps to stretch abdominal organs, strengthen spinal nerves and stretch the body to the greatest extent.

Detailed movements: start from the standing posture, the distance between the two feet is about the same as the hip width, lift the two hands upward, raise the head high, put the big arm close to the ear, relax the shoulder, sink the shoulders, tilt the head back slightly, look forward, and maintain 5 groups of breathing.

Slowly lower your hands back to your sides.

It should be noted that female friends do not practice this pose during the physiological period, but can practice it after the physiological period.

Sage Concordia style: the practice of this style is helpful to the shaping of women’s body, improve the hunchback phenomenon, and is conducive to the shaping of body lines at the same time.

Detailed movements: start in the standing position, keep your back straight, squat down slowly with your upper body, separate your legs about one shoulder wide, put your toes forward, keep your legs vertical to the ground, cross your hands and hold them in front of your chest, look forward, and stay for a while as shown in the figure.

This posture has a great effect on meditation and concentration, and cultivates the temperament of Goddess at the same time.

Side lying compass pose: this pose is relatively difficult.

For many friends, without certain practice experience, it will be very difficult, but it also challenges the coordination and softness of the body and the flexibility of the spine.

Frequent practice is still good for health.

Detailed movements: lie on the side of the body on the cushion, twist the whole body to the right, the right leg is below, the left leg overlaps, the right leg is above, the two legs are straight, then lift the left leg to extend towards the head, bend the knee of the right leg at the same time, and fold the heel of the right foot close to the perineum.

Stretch out the right arm and stretch the toe of the left foot, hold the toe of the right foot with the left hand and stretch it into your arms, and stick to the action for 20 seconds…

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