The casual and natural yoga pants are fashionable to wear and match, showing a trace of warmth and beauty, highlighting personality

The casual and natural yoga pants are fashionable to wear and match, showing a trace of warmth and beauty, highlighting personality.

Does yoga pants look thin? There are two main reasons: first, usually their clothes are loose and their upper body is relatively loose.

Second, there are few kinds of clothes and they lack basic matching ability.

This leads to the monotonous matching of our clothes.

In fact, there are many things to learn in collocation, especially for the collocation of yoga pants.

About the collocation knowledge of yoga pants, because they lack collocation experience, they still have certain operability in collocation.

Moreover, each garment has different color systems, and there is no absolute matching.

We can only say the specific matching of specific clothes.

In view of the above two reasons, a brief summary is suitable for most people (everyone will match according to their most intuitive feelings).

I will explain according to the following points – 1.

Loose a-word version: the a-word version of yoga pants is more suitable for people with small stature, especially women with large upper body.

When choosing yoga pants, you can refer to their upper body shape; You can also use loose wide leg pants to cover your thighs and appear slim.

In fact, we can see that the model in the picture is of medium height.

This kind of collocation shows thin effect is the best.

The upper body covers the thighs slightly.


Waist closing A-shaped version: if you think the matching of A-shaped version is too loose, you can choose the slim waist closing version; Look at the picture below.


Short A-line version: the A-line version is relatively loose yoga pants, which has the best slimming effect.

You can refer to the matching of models in the picture.


Long A-line version: the A-line version is too loose, so it is difficult to see whether it is thin or not.

You can choose short yoga pants for matching; The figure below shows the matching of the model’s two yoga pants.

It can be seen that the version in the figure above is more slim.


Medium and long a-word version: it is difficult to match the medium and long a-word version, which mainly depends on the proportion of your upper body; If it is too short, try to choose the waist A-shaped yoga pants for matching.

In fact, it may be slightly bloated.

In short, whether it is thin or not depends on your own conditions.

I prefer a place.

Is it difficult to match yoga pants? No, it’s often more practical to choose a suitable dress than to find pictures of the right style and upper body figure ratio on Taobao and tmall.

The following figure is a shop dedicated to choosing yoga pants.

Find the right color from the most basic aspects of how to choose neckline, sleeve, skirt body, waist line and so on…

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