The beauty of yoga pants with “funnel-shaped” figure improves the beauty of body shape and is easy to match

The beauty of yoga pants with “funnel-shaped” figure improves the beauty of body shape and is easy to match.

For the matching method of yoga pants, women can start from the details and use the method of sagging chest.

Many women like to use the method of sagging chest to create the visual effect of yoga pants, because this method can make the hem of the skirt show a certain sense of expansion.

The specific method is to gently put it on the shoulder and pull down the place close to the body, so that its edge can be enlarged.

This method can make the skirt look more youthful.

Another way is to surround the waist with the waist bag of yoga pants, put the skirt under the waist with a plastic bag, and then open the mouth of the bag.

The overall effect of the whole yoga pants will look very neat, and the yarn fabric at the waist looks petite.

This design is not only good-looking and can highlight the waist, but also the waist circumference of the skirt is relatively strong and will not collapse easily.

Make the skirt look more beautiful.

Tie a belt around your hands or under the armpit of a female friend’s chest, then wrap the belt around the collar of your coat and put it under your skirt or pants.

Women with skirts will easily use this method to create a retro feeling.

The good thing about this method is that it does not affect the style and shape of the skirt, and it can match clothes freely.

Make more use of the binding at the shoulder and neck.

Many women will loosen the binding at the shoulder and neck.

It seems that the whole butterfly sleeve has been loosened, and the whole binding looks loose.

This will make the chest smaller, but the visual effect of the skirt is not different from that of the chest.

Therefore, this method is not particularly suitable.

Using the edge wrapping design at the shoulder and neck can make the whole waist look thinner and recycle the chest as much as possible.

The binding design at the shoulder and neck not only makes the design of this piece simple, but also can lengthen the body proportion.

If you are not used to loosening the shoulder and neck binding, you can try more.

If the shoulder and neck binding is too loose, you can draw a seam on its edge, which will be more beautiful.

It’s better to outline the waist of the tightened yoga pants.

Some women will choose to surround the waist bag of the skirt under the chest, and then use the waist bag to make the waist line, which will look very bloated.

If the treatment method is to use a wider belt or a thicker belt, it will make the whole waist line look very mediocre…

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