Yoga pants are more refined than others. Skirt is a good choice. It’s an aging item

Yoga pants are more refined than others.

Skirt is a good choice for age reduction.

How to choose the collocation of yoga pants? In the question, if you want to improve the matching ability of clothes, choosing a suitable yoga pants can make the overall matching more advanced.

A typical yoga pants can make your curve more smooth, while showing high, it can also make you look very elegant.

Today, let’s take a look at what types of yoga pants are worn by major bloggers and bloggers on INS.

The first is the wide brimmed yoga pants, which have no so-called belt.

Girls who are taller can try.

The advantage of wide edge is that it will not have long waist and short legs, and will not pull out meat.

It is more suitable for tall girls.

The second is the V-neck yoga pants.

The V-neck can improve the overall temperament.

As long as it’s not too big, it looks very fashionable.

For some people with thin upper body, wide shoulders and short hands, V-neck yoga pants are particularly friendly.

The third is the exaggerated style of shoulder belt neckline.

Try to choose the single breasted style in the selection, which can make the shape of clothes more stable and make the shape of clothes look higher at the same time.

The fourth is the style of long hem.

The style of long hem can effectively improve the problem of too wide shoulder.

It is more suitable for girls with shoulder width.

The fifth is the one shoulder style.

The one shoulder element can modify the size of your face and make you look more petite and lovely.

Finally, let’s take a look at how to match yoga pants.

If you are a working woman, a high collar yoga pants can set off the temperament of working women.

At the same time, it can set off the big and long legs.

And the length of the hem, which is too long, looks like a fish tail.

It looks too heavy.

If it is the collocation of yoga pants, it is best to match neutral colors, which refers to black and white.

Black is more stable, while white is more transparent.

Coupled with a pair of classic high heels, you can wear it with a high sense.

Knitwear + flared pants, for boys with wide shoulders, it is a very good choice to take men’s wide brimmed hat and shirt as an inner match.

Knitwear can also be matched with denim jacket, which can also pull the hem from the cuff to the chest to cover the tiger’s back and bear’s waist.

Knit shirt + overalls or straight pants.

For boys with hip width, open the shirt collar below the chest.

If you treat overalls as bottomed pants, you won’t look sloppy and ugly.

In particular, jeans are the basic style of versatile, and they are a must-have item for jeans control.

Knitwear + flared pants, the combination of the two styles is really friendly for short and fat boys.

However, bell bottomed trousers will make boys with wide shoulders appear taller.

For short boys, we need to think about it carefully…

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