The beauty of yoga pants with slender legs improves the beauty of body shape and is very charming

The beauty of yoga pants with slender legs improves the beauty of body shape and is very charming.

How can the collocation of Yoga Pants be careless? Not only depends on their elegant design, but also a simple combination of natural fibers.

The matching of this issue will be the matching of two unexpected fabrics: vest skirt and wide leg pants.

The popularity index is also beautiful.

The heavy woven vest skirt of ~ vesperuntime: the technology of natural raw materials is not only reflected in the fine sewing process, but also includes the geometric structure and the texture of natural cotton yarn.

Runtimespring20162019 vest skirt adopts fine needle knitting technology, skin friendly fiber, full-size woven fabric, warm but comfortable, full of dreamy weaving patterns, which makes your impression better.

The two designs of ruffle and square collar cover up the imperfect you and give people a fresh and natural feeling ~ runtimeeast 2016 vesperuntime is challenging the luxury wearing experience, It will be more prominent in terms of effect.

So do you know what’s going on? Let’s take a look at ~ vesparuntimeeast 2016.

The key to our winter wear is to create an ideal style by matching clothes.

So when the colors of winter clothes are too monotonous, how to match them is the best? Popular colors are not highly changeable in daily life, so you can choose the same color in summer or match with some popular colors.

In fact, there are many ways to wear a vest skirt.

As long as your natural fiber believes in enough beauty, try it more.

instagram@jambam.msabothblackpinkkatyperry For this matching, she chose a long wool vest and wide leg pants, paired with an elegant thick needle woven pattern double breasted knitted top, which is simple but sexy ~ she also likes to use the same color lace up vest skirt, which is woven one by one, giving her the impression of a fashionable little sister.

Without tassel decoration, the handbag is more light and beautiful.

The secret of Vespa spring 2016 East 2016 winter dress is: the wide and simple fabric is the same as the fresh impression you want.

Then you can choose well-known printing patterns such as sunflower and crown, which can not only easily match with the top, but also look very retro ~ take the hemp bag and the CF of natural cotton yarn as the winter decoration of the earth color system.

It will feel better to wear black with classic patterns such as natural stripes and khaki.

Another thing you have to say is that your interior must be fresh and elegant ~ otherwise a slightly dull interior will crush your overall style, just like mosaic.

Vespaeast 2016 Annas circuit shoes I often wear camel jeans with a black coat, but this time in this unknown small shop, I thought of camel pants.

This camel basic double breasted Mini boot has greatly upgraded the shoes and trousers.

If the double breasted structure is only decorated with shoulder pads, the overall style is really boring.

I tried it and added sleeveless ruffles, which is the elegant place of the overall style and avoids the rough feeling of camel color.

Choose the small black bag to match with the low-key black top.

This is a single color to wear and match, which can reflect the elegant characteristics.

In fact, there are more choices for this winter ~ vespaeast 2016annasuifinjulia in spring and summer 2016,..

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