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Adhere to yoga, mainly for the abdomen, hips and thighs

Many times, because of time, place and other reasons, it will hinder us from adhering to yoga.

Especially for beginners of yoga, they often don’t know how to start.

What many people don’t know is that the wall is the most common and inexpensive Yoga AIDS, and it is also the yoga teacher around us.

Today’s recommended practice does not need a yoga mat.

It only needs a wall to achieve a good practice effect, mainly for the abdomen, hips and thighs.

01 inclined plank exercise parts against the wall: arm, chest, back, core and quadriceps femoris exercise methods: Kneel with your back to the wall and knees, open your hands the same width as your shoulders, and slowly step on the wall with your feet upward until your feet are slightly higher than your shoulders for 30 seconds, and then do push ups for 30 seconds.

When doing this, your elbows should be as close to your body as possible.

02 bridge lifting exercise parts: arm, back Core exercise method: sit down, step on the wall with your heels at the same height as your knees, hold your hands on the ground, under your shoulders, push your hands towards the wall with your fingertips, bend your elbows about 20cm off the ground, lower your hips a little, and then push up and repeat for 1 minute.

03 squatting against the wall exercise part: core, hip and quadriceps femoris exercise method: sit back against the wall, Knee 90 degrees, right leg raised and straightened, keeping the same height as hip for 30 seconds, changing sides 04 step on the wall lunge exercise parts: core, hip and quadriceps femoris exercise method: stand back to the wall, three feet away from the wall, lift the right leg, step on the wall, bend the left knee, extend the arm to turn the body to the left, extend the right hand to the left foot back to the right, straighten the front leg and keep it for 4 seconds, changing sides 05 side plate torsion exercise parts: arm, chest Core exercise method: starting from the side panel style, align the right shoulder with the right hand, step on the root of the wall with both feet, put the left foot behind, stick to the right heel for 4 seconds, then turn down, and return to the original position with the left hand through the chest for 4 seconds and repeat for 1 minute.

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