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Yoga eight styles can eliminate toxins in the body and make the skin shiny and elastic!

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Eliminate toxins from the body, combine inside and outside, and make the skin shiny and elastic.

Yoga can not only regulate the internal circulatory system of the body and promote the nervous system and endocrine system.

Gentle massage and stretching benefit every part of the body.

Among them, yoga posture with beauty effect can accelerate facial blood circulation, eliminate toxins in the body, combine inside and outside, and make the skin shiny and elastic.

Let’s practice yoga together.

A more moist, healthier and younger face will be presented in your hard practice! The first form of brightening the skin: DWI konasana posture key points: stand up upright, with two feet slightly separated and two hands hanging on the side of the body; Inhale, put your arms on your lower back and cross your fingers; Exhale, bend your upper body forward from your waist, and try to extend your arms above and behind your head; Keep this posture while lowering your head; Hold this position for 20 seconds or more; Gradually return to the basic standing; Repeat 3 ~ 5 times.

Tip: contract the thigh and raise the sciatic bone in front of the hip.

It feels like this increases the extension of the back leg muscles; Arms and shoulders down.

Relax and let them sag with gravity; If you can easily do the posture, continue to extend your arms down and strengthen the extension; Palm up, stretch different parts of shoulders and arms; Lift the upper body with the strength of hips and thighs.

Efficacy: flexible shoulder joints; Posterior leg muscles and medial side of both legs; Eliminate the pressure of intervertebral disc; Release the tension of upper back and shoulders; Increase brain circulation to make you more alert and brighten your skin.

The second type: ustrasana posture key points: at the beginning, kneel on the ground with two feet apart.

Point your toes back; Inhale, put your hands on your hips, gently bend your spine back and stretch your thigh muscles; Then, while exhaling, put your palms on the soles of your feet.

Keep your thighs perpendicular to the ground, tilt your head back and press the soles of your feet with your palms, so as to gently push your spine towards your thighs; While maintaining this posture, stretch the neck backward, contract the muscles of the buttocks and extend the lower spine area; After holding for 30 seconds, put both hands back to the hips and slowly recover the preparatory potential; Then, sit down and rest.

Tip: relax your head and don’t stretch your neck too backward; Push forward with buttocks tightened and thighs as vertical as possible to the ground; The lower part of the back is more flexible than the upper part.

Therefore, we can try our best to lift the chest and make the upper back arch; Twist your back when you get up.

Sit on your back or down on your heels.

Then bend forward and rest.

Effect: eliminate minor ailments of respiratory tract; Relax the spine and improve posture; Stretch abdominal organs to eliminate constipation; Stimulating spinal nerve is beneficial to all internal organs; The third form of brightening the skin: the key points of the posture of matsyendrasana: first, sit upright and stretch your legs forward.

Pull the left calf inward and let the left foot close to the inner side of the right thigh.

Then place your right knee 6 to 12 inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm) from your right shoulder — keep your right foot flat on the floor.

Move the right foot beyond the left knee, and if necessary, use both hands to help lift the right foot.

Raise your left arm and put it on the outside of your right knee.

Then straighten your left arm and grab your right foot or ankle.

Then extend your right hand forward, high with your eyes, and keep your eyes on your fingertips.

Keep your right arm straight and turn slowly to the right.

When turning your right hand to the right as far as possible, continue to look at your fingertips.

In doing so, your neck, shoulders, spine, etc.

will naturally turn to the right.

When your right hand is placed as comfortably as possible on the far right, put it down and put the back of your hand on your left waist (or the place closest to your left waist).

Take a deep, long and comfortable breath and keep this position from 1 to 10.

Lift your right hand back to the eye level, keep your elbows straight, and slowly pull your right hand back to the front of your torso.

Restore the original state with the exact opposite procedure.

After a little rest, do the same exercise with the other side of your body.

This exercise is performed twice on each side of the left and right sides.

The effects are: eliminate fatigue * reduce slight back pain * maintain the flexibility and health of the spine * gently massage abdominal organs * coordinate various systems in the body to prevent and cure constipation, adjust the secretion of adrenal gland, and help eliminate muscular rheumatism.

It helps to treat diabetes and treat slight disc dislocation.

The fourth form of brightening the skin: triangular side stretching posture key points: 1 Stand in mountain pose, inhale and jump away, with feet 1.2 meters apart Stretch out your arms on both sides, shoulder high, with your palms facing the ground.

Stretch your arms from the back of your elbows.

Make sure your feet are in line with your fingertips facing forward.

Keep the outer edges of your feet close to the ground.

The little toes on each side should be pressed against the ground.


While exhaling, turn the right leg and foot 90 degrees to the right.

At the same time, turn your left foot slightly to the right.

Stretch your left leg and tighten your left knee.

Make sure your weight falls on the heel of your right foot and your feet are in line.


Bend the right knee until the thigh is at a right angle to the lower leg, and the right thigh is parallel to the ground, keeping one or two breaths.


Exhale and place the right palm on the ground next to the right foot (either inside or outside the right foot).

Make sure the right arm is perpendicular to the ground, the left arm is upward, and the two arms are perpendicular to the ground in a straight line.

Then press down and stretch out and place it above the left ear.

Turn your head and look up.

Stay in this pose for 20-30 seconds.


Inhale and lift your right hand off the ground.

Keep your arms flat on your sides and straighten your right leg.

Turn your feet with your toes forward.


Repeat the same action on the other side, then exhale and jump back into mountain pose..

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