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Yoga kneeling posture can solve knee pain, low back pain, cold feet and insomnia in one minute, which is better than countless tonics


Relieve knee pain.

The knee is a joint.

If we always squat and fold, it will be worn like the bearing.

With the growth of age, there is not so much Qi and blood, and the Qi and blood supplied to the knee are also gone, and the knee is always worn.

Therefore, it is particularly necessary to use the lubricating oil of Qi and blood.

If the lubricating oil is sufficient, it will be fine.

If the lubricating oil is less, it will dry grind and wear will occur.

At this time, the cold comes in again.

In the case of ischemia, if you practice squatting, mountain climbing and long-distance walking, your knees can only be more worn.

This is why many middle-aged and elderly people have more and more pain in their knees after exercise.

Therefore, if you want to alleviate knee pain, the most fundamental way is to introduce Qi and blood into the knee.

If you walk on your knees on a soft bed or carpet, your blood will flow to your knees.

Due to the supply of fresh blood, the cold accumulated at the knee can be dispersed, the effusion can be eliminated, and the swelling and pain can be turned.

However, if someone has knee pain, first kneel on a soft bed and move slowly.

They will soon adapt.

At that time, the knee won’t hurt.


The soles of the feet are not cold.

Many people have cold hands and feet in winter, especially some girls.

No matter how thick they wear, their feet are like stepping in an ice hole.

This is a typical poor blood circulation of the limbs.

Cold feet in winter are also caused by blood stasis in the legs, so it is the key to “get through” the stagnant parts.

If you want to cure the cold feet in winter, you still need to use yoga kneeling posture to lead the Qi and blood to the knee first – when the Qi and blood of the knee is connected, it is not far from the soles of the feet.


Hair doesn’t fall off anymore.

Women love to keep long hair, but many girls will lose a lot of hair every time they wash their hair or comb their hair in the morning.

In the long run, it will not only affect their mood, but also affect their image.

Do you know why you always lose your hair? Kidney governs Yang, Yang Qi is abundant, Qi and blood is sufficient, hair is exuberant, and complexion is full.

Hair loss is serious, which means that your kidney is empty and needs to be supplemented.

Using yoga kneeling posture can not only easily lead Qi and blood to the knee, but also twist and force your waist in the process of knee walking, so your kidneys are also filled.

After walking on your knees for two or three weeks, you will find that the phenomenon of always losing hair has disappeared.

On the other hand, traditional Chinese medicine calls the knee the house of tendons, and the knee is the house of tendons.

The liver is the main muscle, so kneeling and kneeling is a great method to replenish the liver.

It is equivalent to drinking several Qiju Dihuang pills every day.

It doesn’t cost a penny, let alone any physique, and the effect is good.


Weight loss recipe for those men and young women who want to lose weight, kneeling is a weight loss secret method, which is faster than “tapping the pulse”.

Thigh fat is the most difficult to reduce, so if you want to know whether this method works, just take a leather ruler to measure your thigh circumference before Yoga kneeling practice, and then practice kneeling for 20 minutes every day.

After 3 weeks, measure it with a leather ruler, which will certainly give you a surprise.

What is the principle? Women always complain that the fat is on their thighs.

Indeed, this is a pile of waste, not muscle.

At this time, we have to lead the new blood and let it absorb and discharge the garbage, so kneeling and walking can reduce thigh fat.

However, Xiaobian still wants to warn you: at the beginning, your knee will be very painful.

You should first adapt to it for a few days.

Kneel first and don’t go.

Kneel first at the beginning and wait until you adapt.


Health preserving secret method: if you beat the left pericardial meridian while walking on your knees, the effect will be better.

Friends with high blood pressure, rub Chi Ze point of lung meridian, and you will immediately feel clear headed.

After kneeling and practicing the Golden Rooster independence, you will suddenly find that you can stand with your eyes closed for a longer time.

This is because the kneeling method has led a lot of Qi and blood to the lower limbs.

The lower limbs are stronger, and of course, the feet will stand more stable.

Using Golden Rooster can draw Qi and blood and flush away the original points of the six meridians (liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach, kidney and bladder) on the foot.

In this way, Qi and blood will run more lasting and powerful.

The above method is very simple and has a wide range of indications.

People with abdominal distension, headache, cold feet and insomnia can try it; In addition, people who are irritable and anxious will feel calm and clear-minded after practicing for a period of time.

Traditional Chinese medicine summarizes various discomfort in the process of kneeling: numbness: it shows that Qi can come over, but blood can’t.

Wood: it’s numb.

It’s wood.

It’s blood and Qi that can’t get through.

Acid: it indicates that the meridians are connected, but the Qi and blood are insufficient.

Bloating: it indicates that there is enough Qi.

Such people are angry.

If the Qi in the body can’t go out, it will be bloated.

Pain: simple pain is due to blood stasis.

Itching: it indicates that Qi and blood are coming.

When the wound heals, it will itch, which is different from the itching of the whole body.

Adhere to the Yoga kneeling posture and insulate those annoying symptoms from you! Common Yoga kneeling postures include camel pose, door pose, baby pose, moon pose, lion pose and balawaga first pose.

Camel pose – skill: 1 Kneeling position, knees open to hip width, soles up; 2.

Put your hands naturally above your pelvis and straighten your waist and back; 3.

Start from the upper back, slowly bend back, tighten the muscles of thighs, hips and abdomen, and face the ceiling; 4.

When bending back, put your hands on the heels of your feet; 5.

Inhale and stretch your hands to the back of your body, so as to lift your chest upward, hold it for 30 seconds, breathe naturally and slowly restore your original posture.

Benefits: by expanding the chest, slowly improve the hunchback, and relieve back pain and shoulder pain.

Stretch your spine and shoulders to increase softness.

Locust pose – skill: lie on your stomach, put your arms naturally on both sides, breathe naturally, slowly lift your legs, exhale, lift your head, hands and chest off the ground at the same time, and raise them as high as possible.

At this time, only your abdomen touches the ground, bear the weight of your body, shrink your hips, completely straighten your legs, maintain this pose for 20-60 seconds, and breathe normally.

Benefits: stretching back can exercise the back spine muscles and strengthen the weak back muscles..

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