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101 year old Indian lady: she has practiced yoga for 93 years and danced with a 70 year old boy. She is as flexible as a girl

As early as the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, there was a prime minister named LV Buwei in the state of Qin.

He once said a wise saying: “running water does not rot, household hinges do not bark, but also move.” It means that the flowing water will not rot, and the often rotating door shaft will not rot, because neither exists in a static state, but in a dynamic state.

Of course, the same principle also applies to human beings.

What is shown in human beings is the famous saying of French thinker Voltaire: “life lies in movement.” Any living creature is in absolute motion and relative stillness.

In India, there is such a woman named taoporchon Lynch.

She has been related to yoga all her life and has had a very deep fetter.

Even her dance partner, who is 70 years younger, can find more dazzling charm than diamonds in her body.

Speaking of sports, most people will think of the Olympic Games, a world-wide event.

The Olympic Games originated in ancient Greece more than 2000 years ago.

In modern society, there are not only the Olympic Games, but also the Paralympic Games.

The Olympic Games represent the limit of human physical function, while the Paralympic Games embody the peak of human spirit.

In this Indian woman, it is enough to reflect the limits and charm of human body and spirit.

Tao was born in India in 1918.

It seems destined that Tao may be different from others from the moment he was born.

She is a hybrid, her mother is an Indian and her father is a French.

Therefore, Tao’s appearance can be said to perfectly inherit the excellent genes of his parents.

He has three-dimensional facial features and a pair of big eyes.

He not only has the unique beauty of foreign nationalities of the Indian people, but also has the romantic and elegant temperament of the French people.

But fate is so sad.

Tao’s family situation is not as happy as ordinary people.

Her mother died soon after she was born.

Tao’s father was too busy to take care of Tao.

So Tao has lived in his uncle and aunt’s house since childhood.

Although my uncle and aunt dote on me, Tao always depends on others.

The kind Tao has understood this fact since she was a child, so she is very considerate, sensible and independent.

She doesn’t have to worry about her uncle and aunt at all.

She is a very popular girl.

However, whenever he sees other children playing coquettish in his mother’s arms, Tao can only walk away alone and see his mother in his dream at night, which is distressing.

Tao’s uncle is a famous engineer in India and knows many Indian celebrities, including Gandhi, who led India towards independence.

Growing up in such an environment, Tao’s character is different from others.

Self confidence, gentleness and perseverance have sprouted and grown in Tao’s values since childhood.

On a beach vacation, Tao saw some boys practicing yoga.

She didn’t know it was yoga at that time, but thought the actions made by these boys were very attractive to her.

Although my uncle and aunt didn’t agree that Tao, who was going to be a lady in the future, would practice yoga, she couldn’t stand the stubborn girl.

So the 8-year-old Tao began her yoga career.

Tao’s Yoga road to the peak of life has begun.

Her first teacher was patabhijois, a famous yoga master in India.

Tao not only has perseverance in yoga, but also has great talent.

Her body has very good flexibility.

Others need half a year or even a year to learn the movements.

She can master them in just one month.

When she practiced yoga, she was like a deer in the forest, smart and beautiful.

Tao’s talent in yoga has to be said to be the son of God.

In 1938, due to the outbreak of large-scale war, Tao moved to France with his uncle and aunt.

Later, he moved to the UK for some reasons, and settled with his family in the UK.

In this way, Tao’s road to fame began.

Due to Tao’s outstanding appearance, elegant temperament and graceful figure, singing for a living is a very good choice for her.

In this way, Tao gradually began her acting career.

Due to Tao’s natural beauty, she has been practicing yoga for a long time.

Her figure is very graceful and symmetrical, and her big long legs are even more eye-catching.

Many international brands have asked her for endorsement and cooperation, and even become the exclusive model of Chanel, a famous French luxury brand.

The catwalk shows are home-made meals.

Tao is not only a model, but also has made achievements in the entertainment industry.

Shooting magazines and acting in movies are areas Tao is good at and can control.

Although she has a full schedule every day, she still doesn’t give up practicing yoga and keeps doing what she likes.

In his later years, he constantly challenged himself.

However, when Tao was less than 50 years old, he suddenly announced his withdrawal from the entertainment industry.

She thought she had made enough money for the first half of her life.

The next time, it’s time to devote yourself to what you like.

Money is just an external thing for her.

Tao pursues Yoga she loves in her heart.

After retirement, Tao founded a yoga school.

Many people came to see this attractive woman.

When people are old, others may prefer that the elderly can spend the rest of their life safely.

But Tao, 88, made a bold and unexpected decision at this time.

She wanted to learn ballroom dancing.

Ballroom dancing is a very physical exercise, but Tao, who has practiced yoga all his life and knows his physical condition very well, still learned this dance despite the opposition of people around him..

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