2022 Yoga planet “March” course schedule

You know that when you eat food, it becomes a part of you, but when you do asanas, your body needs to be transformed.

You know that many people destroy their bodies by practicing asanas.

In fact, you know that even if a bee goes to a flower to collect honey, the bee never destroys the flower.

It just gently sucks the juice of some flowers and makes honey, but they We humans don’t destroy that flower, but sometimes when we appreciate a flower, we really destroy it…

Similarly, you have to absorb some juice from the asana for your own growth, so you also have to find ways to do it.

That’s why I have shown you many ways to do it…

– zubinji · teacher introduction · Cao yiiyenga yoga practitioner, Following master b.k.s Iyengar’s personal disciple, he went to India with teacher Zubin and teacher Jawahar bangera for 15 years of uninterrupted Yoga exploration and learning in 2016, and went to Pune, India with teacher Zubin for learning in 2018, Ramamaniiyengar , Memorial Yoga Institute , Iyengar yoga General Institute studies the 2018 centenary special course of Iyengar master , Zubin , the way of Yoga 2019zubin teacher inherits the intensive retreat camp 2020zubin teacher studies the intensive courses online – guru’s connection with students gains growth and joy, and enthusiastically invests in the sharing and dissemination of Iyengar yoga · course consultation..

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