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40 year old woman’s helplessness: after learning yoga, people become beautiful, their figure becomes better, but their family is gone

Even in this era when most women choose to be independent, many women yearn for the warmth of the family and will choose to give up their career for the sake of the family and their other half.

Some of them will meet the person who can protect their life, while others lose to their choice.

That’s why we can now hear the stories of husbands who abandon their original partners after their successful careers.

Is it because the original partner is not virtuous enough, isn’t it.

Because the original match is not young and beautiful enough to keep up with her successful husband.

However, they will become like this because they have made sacrifices for their families.

So now there are so many women who choose to work hard in the workplace, even if it is a little difficult, but relying on their own independence is always better than relying solely on a man.

And those wives who are despised in life should also learn to think for themselves, because they always only want to sacrifice for their family, and they will only sacrifice their own life.

Netizen Liu Le experienced such a marriage.

At first, Liu Le devoted herself to her family.

As a result, she became a yellow faced woman who was despised by her husband.

Later, she chose to change herself, but her husband was unbalanced because she became excellent.

In the end, Liu le was completely disappointed and had no choice but to divorce.

Let’s take a look at her story.

In the early stage, Liu le and her husband Zhao Ke were only 25 years old when they got married.

At that time, their family conditions were relatively ordinary, so Liu Le’s family didn’t want much when they got married.

After marriage, they directly lived in Zhao Ke’s house, but Zhao Ke was an aspiring person.

Half a year after marriage, they proposed to take Liu le to big cities for development.

Liu Le wholeheartedly supported her husband’s idea, so with the money she had saved over the years and the bride price given by Zhao Ke’s family when she got married, she followed Zhao Ke to a new city without saying a word.

At first, they only rented a very cheap and remote house and made a living with the money they saved.

Zhao Ke looked for a long time before he found the most satisfactory job.

However, after finding a job, Zhao Ke begged Liu le to be a housewife at home.

Liu Le didn’t understand and felt that the two people could save money faster by working together, but Zhao Ke explained, “Now the company has a good development prospect, but if I want to work hard wholeheartedly, I have to have someone stay at home to take care of my family.

Otherwise, if something happens at home, we will both have to delay our work.” Zhao Ke’s words are not unreasonable.

Liu Le thought that Zhao Ke was better than himself, so he simply agreed.

In the next ten years, Liu Le became a housewife wholeheartedly, doing housework and trying to save money.

Zhao Ke was getting busier and busier at work.

Later, he didn’t care about his family’s affairs at all.

Once his mother-in-law was ill and Zhao Ke didn’t have time to see her.

Liu Le took half a month to stay in bed before taking good care of her mother-in-law.

After ten years of marriage, their lives have already undergone earth shaking changes.

They bought a new house, bought a new car, and had hundreds of thousands of savings.

Zhao Ke boasted that he had become an elite in the workplace, but Liu Le couldn’t change his previous habits of saving and was unwilling to buy any skin care products for himself.

At the beginning, Zhao Ke loved Liu le and appreciated Liu le.

However, with the promotion of his position, Zhao Ke slowly felt that Liu le was a little incompetent and would say that Liu le was a yellow faced woman from time to time.

Liu Legang didn’t pay attention to his later investment.

He felt that he was 35 and his children went to school.

As long as he took good care of his family, life could go on.

However, the reality is not as simple as Liu Le thought, because Zhao Ke was promoted to the senior management again and began to often go out to socialize.

He saw the young and beautiful girls around his colleagues.

Although Zhao Ke didn’t want to find a junior, he said it was impossible not to envy.

Once when he came home drunk and saw Liu Le taking care of himself, Zhao Ke suddenly felt very disgusted and pushed Liu Le away, “Look at you now.

If you go out and say you’re 35, do you think anyone believes it? I earn so much money every day and don’t know where to spend it.

Can’t you take care of yourself? Look at your yellow face now.

I’m embarrassed to take you out.” Zhao Ke may just be drunk and complain, but Liu Le is full of grievances.

However, these words of Zhao Ke also make Liu Le gradually have the idea of changing, but the habit formed in more than ten years is not so easy to change.

Liu Le can only find an old classmate of his own.

The old classmate is a typical unmarried person.

He is two years older than Liu Le, but he looks more than ten years younger than Liu le.

After knowing Liu Le’s troubles, the old classmate directly took Liu le to the yoga class he had been taking.

Xiao Li didn’t adapt at first because the yoga class wasted time and money.

However, he saw that the students were beautiful one by one, Liu Le finally admired his outstanding temperament.

In the process of Liu Le’s little change, Liu Le also slowly corrected his mentality and began to learn to spend money for himself.

He not only began to often go to beauty salons, but also began to be willing to buy those big brand skin care products.

However, Liu Le spent less time at home.

I thought Zhao Ke would choose to support himself, but I didn’t expect Zhao Ke to still complain.

Helpless and disappointed, he chose to divorce.

“What are you doing when you are away from home day by day? And why did you spend so much money yesterday? How are you doing now? Where are you, the virtuous housekeeper?” Zhao Ke seems to have completely forgotten what he disliked Liu Le before, but now Zhao Ke can’t completely affect Liu le.

Because of the influence of his old classmates, Liu Le knows that only by improving himself and investing in himself can he have a voice in the family.

Therefore, even if Zhao Ke often complains, Liu Le has always insisted on practicing yoga for three years..

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