Are women in the yoga industry happy?

“Have you found that women in the yoga industry are not happy?” “No!” “It’s true.

You see, teacher XX is 40 years old, menopause is over, and she’s single! Teacher XX is divorced and has children alone! And ah, teacher XX can’t find a boyfriend so far…” hearing her say this, I immediately feel that women in the yoga industry are really unlucky and blessed.

But I immediately thought of my situation and asked myself, am I happy? The answer is yes, yes Ido.

In fact, the yoga industry is really special.

Almost all practitioners in the yoga industry come from consumers.

They gradually move towards the road of yoga because of the benefits of yoga.

So what kind of women will become consumers in the yoga industry? If you really want to use one word to summarize their characteristics, it is – No.

They will not make do with time, age, men, secular life…

Such women do not depend on anyone and walk alone in the world.

The unhappiness in the secular eyes is nothing more than that women who lack men in life are unfortunate.

But those women who don’t lack men in life must be happy? I don’t think married people are necessarily happier than unmarried people, nor do I think widowed parenting is superior to single parenting.

Nowadays, the rise of women’s industry is behind the rise of a huge independent woman.

When it comes to yoga teachers, what do you think of? Self discipline, calm, elegant, temperament, slim, fit and independent…

How can they be unhappy with so many beautiful labels? As for why many women in the yoga industry lack men, combined with the people and things around me, I draw the following conclusions: First: when it comes to gender preference in the industry, we think of high work pressure and narrow circle of friends, so it’s normal to have no girlfriend.

But in the yoga industry, many people think that yoga teachers have personality problems, so they have no partners.

In fact, not really.

On the one hand, yoga teachers, as a service industry, are often the busiest when others are leisure and entertainment.

On the other hand, yoga teachers also shoulder the work of Yoga sales.

On the one hand, they are responsible for the course consumption of the company, on the other hand, they are also under the pressure of performance.

Coupled with the uncertainty of member time, overtime has become the norm in the yoga industry.

Therefore, the yoga teacher’s time is tied to the yoga studio classroom, or the Yoga bill.

In our industry, both consumers and practitioners are almost women, and there are no men all year round.

So it’s not surprising that older people are single.

Second: it’s not that women divorce when they practice yoga, but that women after divorce are more likely to be on the road of yoga.

Many women will shift their life goals from work to family due to marriage.

If their husbands are reliable, it is estimated that many women will start the life of stay at home mothers after giving birth to children.

Those women who fail to enjoy marriage asylum face the problem of secondary employment.

At this time, if women who have children come into contact with yoga, most of them will go to yoga because of the beauty of yoga.

Therefore, it is precisely yoga that saves women who need secondary employment, and it is yoga that gives her the confidence to choose to get rid of unbearable marriage.

Third: Yoga goddesses’ late marriage, late childbearing or not marriage.

I have heard a saying that being single needs capital.

Even today, this sentence is still right.

Few people can marry love.

Most people choose to marry a mediocre life in the end.

Yoga teachers have skills, self-discipline and love learning.

Overall, the income is OK.

They are financially independent, spiritually independent and do not depend on anyone.

Such a woman certainly has the capital to live the life she wants.

So! Stop talking about the unhappiness of women in the yoga industry! Everyone lives in different dimensions…

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