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This is a group of yoga poses with attitude, which satisfies all your fantasies about yoga

Click the blue words above to subscribe for free ↑↑↑ slide up to view the content ↑ the correct yoga posture can help you remove toxins and purify your mind.

Any time you do these poses in sequence, you will feel that you need this washing.

This sequence of actions can remove toxins, help stimulate digestion and thyroid, exercise muscles, and move the digestive tract.

Head into legs yoga, which burns excess fat through the exercise of the waist.

At this time, the blood flow speeds up, and the blood circulates to the spine, which not only nourishes the spinal nerves, but also relieves low back pain.

Blood also sends nutrients to the brain, reducing the burden on the brain and making people more radiant.

Stand with your feet apart, with a distance greater than your shoulders, arms around your legs, bend your waist down, rush your head down, and support the ground with both hands.

▼ click the card below to focus on the large and small muscle groups that our boat can exercise to the abdomen.

Practice from boat to low boat to flatten your abdomen.

Starting with the boat, keep your legs parallel to the floor.

Hold the gun with both hands, inhale in the middle position, exhale, hold both hands tightly, twist to the right and keep 2-5 breaths, inhale back to the middle and keep 2-5 breaths, exhale to the left and keep 2-5 breaths.

With each inhalation, the body returns to the middle.

One leg squat, this posture can not only stretch the back, relieve muscle fatigue, create leg curves, reduce spinal pain, open the hip depth, but also clean up the garbage in the body.

And this folding can make the body generate heat, open up the blocked meridians and burn body fat.

Come and learn this pose with Xiaomi.

Detailed explanation of single leg squat posture: 1.

Stand in mountain style, squat down, bend the knee of the right leg, and straighten the left leg to move to the side of the body; 2.

After squatting down, move the left leg to the right and lift it up; ▼ click the card below to pay attention to us.


Move your body forward, put your forehead on your left knee, extend your arm forward from both sides of your body and grasp your left foot.

God monkey pose can relieve our body, relax our muscles and make our body recover well.

First, we split, then slowly lift the lower leg of our right foot, and then grasp the right foot with our right hand.

The whole body leans back.

We can relax our muscles by doing more yoga pose, Prevent muscle bulkiness caused by exercise! Twisting tips can squeeze all toxins out of the body.

It is also very simple to fold forward from the thigh and the heel is about three to four feet wide.

Press your left hand against your right ankle or tibia, lift your right hand up and lean back.

Keep posture.

For better results, bend your right elbow, hold the top of your left thigh and lean back.

Take five deep breaths and repeat on the other side.

▼ click the card below to focus on our sitting angle pose, which can stretch the leg tendons, promote the blood circulation in the pelvic area, tighten the leg muscles and beautify the leg lines.

Sit on the ground with your legs straight and open to both sides as far as possible, and then hook your ankles back.

The hands can be supported on both sides of the hips and gently push the ground to extend the spine.

In the asana, inhale, straighten your back, straighten your chest, return your upper body to the original way, and straighten your arms to the top of your head; Exhale, drop your arms to your sides, bend your knees and relax.

For the practice of Yoga elbow handstand, it is better for those who are not very skilled to put a yoga brick between their hands, or cover their arms with a yoga belt.

The purpose of doing so is to prevent the weight pressed down by the upper body from causing the elbow to slide outward during the practice, and also let the practitioner find the right point and stable point.

Take dolphin pose as the starting position, raise one leg and jump up the thigh.

▼ click the card below to focus on our camel pose, which can stretch our spine.

First, we should kneel on the mat, open our feet the same width as our shoulders, press the back of our feet on the ground, hold the hips with both hands, four fingers in front and thumb in back.

Inhale, push the hip and upper body to bend back slowly, put the left hand on the left foot to keep up, extend the right arm towards the rear, press the right shoulder as far as possible, and sink the head to the ground.

Here, keep breathing evenly and keep breathing for 5 times.

This wheeled straight leg variant can not only correct the legs, but also the strength from the legs can deeply extend the hip flexors.

When bending back, the palm support should be stable, and the feet move slowly until the legs are completely straight.

Open the chest, hold on, and try to divide the body weight equally between the hands and feet.

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