[broad theory of Bodhi Taoism] lecture 121: “three scholars’ Taoism” in yogi’s theory of earth

On the second order of Bodhi is one of the representative works of master zongkaba, the founder of Gelug Sect.

It follows the train track opened by the two great theorists, Longmeng and wuzhu.

Combined with the emptiness view of the meso school and the practice order of the yoga practice school, it summarizes the meanings of the twelve Sutras of Sanzang into three main ways: “out of centrifugation, Bodhi Heart and sexual emptiness and righteousness”, and guides the practitioners to practice step by step from shallow to deep with the order of the “three scholars” to verify the results.

For scholars who study the grand theory, “Guang Lun” is regarded as the blueprint for transforming the grand theory learning into practice, and its importance is self-evident.

Since 2014, Xiaba Rinpoche has been preaching the second broad theory of Bodhi in Chinese at the Dharma Lun temple in the North Tower of Shenyang.

Rinpoche has been quoted by the Bo Zheng, combined with a number of commentaries, vividly and clearly explained the broad theory in detail.

The participants were full of joy and full of nectar.

The official account of Falun temple, Shenyang North Tower, is now carrying out videos every Monday on the Xia BA Rinpoche’s “Guang Lun”, so that people can read the correct law and welcome the attention.


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