Bhakti (International) Yoga Institute – spring 2022 zero foundation 200 hour coach training course is coming!

2022 spring course enrollment information 202202 issue [total 97 issue] February 21, 2022 – day shift Monday Friday 9:00-12:00 / 13:00-15:002022031 issue [total 98 issue] March 6, 2022 – weekend shift weekend 9:00-18:002022032 issue [total 99 issue] March 14, 2022 evening shift Monday Friday 18:30-21:30 teaching and training policy new reform and upgrading professional science and efficiency zero foundation admission free retraining national enrollment can provide accommodation for foreign students, is committed to being the most professional yoga training college in China, and adheres to the principles of the most professional and comprehensive assessment, certification and certification.

If you have a career, you can get a healthy and beautiful body Are you willing to choose a relatively free working time and higher salary than most basic industries and types of work? With the enhancement of people’s health concept and the increase of demand, industries related to the health industry have sprung up – large and small beauty clubs, all kinds of fitness centers and all kinds of yoga clubs.

When yoga is accepted by more and more people and more health industry units open up this course, the profession of yoga instructor is born.

At such a time, participating in a yoga instructor training class may be the beginning of your life change.

Why is Yoga coach a good career 01 excellent coaches are in short supply and well paid.

At present, yoga is a well-known practice and fitness project, with a huge yoga practice group, which makes the supply of high-quality Yoga coaches in short supply.

Yoga instructors have high hourly wages and free working hours.

Yoga can strengthen physiological function through various postures, make human metabolism better, delay aging and maintain a youthful and beautiful face.

Yoga coaches not only achieve the purpose of working income in one day’s work, but also their biggest by-product is the continuous physical and mental sculpture, which improves their temperament over time.

0203 sharing happiness in the health industry, yoga coaches have free working hours, superior working environment and long career life.

In daily teaching and teaching, yoga philosophy is spread, health is transmitted, and happiness is shared.

There are benefits in happiness and multiple happiness in benefits.

Bhakti international yoga teaching and training one of our advantages is that none of the most authoritative certificates has issued a bilingual Yoga qualification certificate in Chinese and English (truly universal).

Through subsequent promotion courses, you can obtain the qualification of ryt200 / 300 / 500 certificate and become a certified yoga teacher all over the world! Second, the curriculum is rigorous.

We adopt the industry and international cutting-edge Yoga standards.

Our goal is to cultivate the most practical classic cases and practical experience of hundreds of professional clubs to help you achieve the shortest time of life transformation and create a new high-level Yoga learning system for each student.

Three one-stop training content: theoretical knowledge: Yoga essence – meditation and chanting, yoga philosophy, yoga posture, etc.

Professional skills: bhakti international Yoga Institute brand Hatha Yoga course, breath control method, meditation / chanting, yoga rest.

Teaching skills: Coach talk, coach behavior and coach psychology.

Fourth, the time arrangement is reasonable.

In addition to full-time training courses, Bhakti Yoga college also has weekend classes, summer classes, morning classes and evening classes, which can work and study at the same time.


experiential teaching.

The training courses of Bhakti Yoga college pay attention to practice.

For example, students should ride bicycles and swim in water.

Only reading and listening to classes can only “know”.

To “do”, they have to practice.

Experiential teaching courses are easier to understand, with high participation of students, and are not easy to forget.


comprehensive and meticulous supporting services.

Students can learn high-quality membership courses for free and have enough time to digest and absorb through the practice of membership courses of different genres and styles; In addition, Bhakti Yoga academy also invites world-famous yoga masters to give lectures and open workshops from time to time to help students fully absorb Yoga knowledge.


Pay attention to private physical therapy.

The teachers of Bhakti Yoga college not only have the ability to teach, but also have the ability to solve the problems of members.

They are equivalent to sub-health physical therapists and have the skills to solve various sub-health states.

Professional, we are serious! Bhakti (International) Yoga college was established in 2008, with perfect training system, constantly updated training contents and more advanced teaching concepts.

In order to cultivate more and better domestic teachers, we are constantly working hard! At bhakti international Yoga Institute, you can have the certificate of China yoga industry alliance, the certificate of international yoga training institution, and the certificate of RYT (registered yoga teacher) through the examination.

The Yoga Alliance Yoga Alliance USA, founded in 1997, is the world’s authoritative yoga training institution.

✔ The national Yoga Federation is currently recognized as the most systematic and standardized certification organization.

The purpose of obtaining the certification is to prove that you are a qualified yoga teacher who has received orthodox and standardized training.

When you need to apply for a yoga teacher, you can let the library choose you at ease.

The owner of the library who is not a yoga major doesn’t have to worry about how to choose a coach, In this way, both sides can simplify the cumbersome evaluation process.

✔ RYT, registered yoga teacher, Yoga Alliance certified teacher, is a registered teacher who has completed corresponding training courses in a training institution with Yoga Alliance certification qualification and obtained Yoga Alliance certification.

His name and relevant information are published on the official website of American Yoga Alliance..

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