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Can’t support the posture and have weak arms? Try these three groups of Yoga series!

People who have practiced yoga for some time know that in order to advance, in addition to a stable foundation of legs and a strong core, the strengthening of shoulders, arms and upper back is also very important.

The double arm handstand is more difficult to support, especially the double arm handstand.

Therefore, if you want to improve yoga, it is essential to strengthen the practice of both arms, shoulders and upper back.

So, today, Xiaobian will recommend three groups to strengthen the Yoga series of arms, shoulders and upper back.

At the same time, it can also strengthen the core, which is suitable for Jiaren who want to advance quickly every day.

Younger brother group 1: lie prone in downward dog style, put both hands in the elbows on both sides of the murderous part, punch in both feet and exhale at the same width as the hip, with the hips upward, straighten the legs, extend the spine, straighten the arm head, and maintain 3-5 breaths on the extension line of the spine.


Bend the elbows in an inclined plate with the elbows supported, hold the forearms with ten fingers, and come to the elbows to support forward and downward, and tighten the core to maintain 3-5 breaths.

3 Elbow support inclined plate + bend the knee close to the triceps brachii, bend the left knee close to the triceps brachii below the armpit, stretch the instep of the triceps brachii, don’t fall off the ground, keep 3-5 breaths, change the other side of the younger brother group 2 4.

Restore the downward dog pose to the downward dog pose, adjust the breathing and maintain a 30 second rest transition 5.

Bend the elbow in the downward dog pose, enter the downward dog pose, extend the spine, expand the armpit and keep 3-5 breaths 6 Bend the elbow and bend the knee in the dog style, keep the knee up and don’t fall to the ground, and keep 3-5 breaths.


The elbow supports the inclined plate with ten fingers clasped, and bend the elbow again into the elbow supports the inclined plate to keep 3-5 breaths.

The third group of brothers 8.

The downward dog style is restored to the downward dog style again, adjust the breathing and maintain a 30 second rest transition.


The inclined plate + four column style crosses forward into the inclined plate to keep 3-5 breaths and bend the elbow, Enter the four pillar pose with the big arm parallel to the ground and keep 3-5 breaths.


The body of the upper dog pose passes forward and straightens the arm.

Enter the upper dog pose and keep 3-5 breaths.

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