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Classic bedtime Yoga allows you to lean even when you lie down!

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Before going to bed every day, ten minutes of yoga practice can be used to relax the spirit and body, and comb the body from the inside out.

It can also improve the quality of sleep.

Yoga before going to bed combs women’s bodies from inside to outside.

It has a variety of functions, such as slimming and decompression, beauty and beauty, regulating women’s endocrine and so on.

Although these movements are not very difficult, they should be practiced slowly according to their own ability to avoid physical strain.

Today, I share with you a set of pre sleep yoga that can be practiced while lying down.

It can not only improve the quality of sleep, but also effectively promote blood circulation and help lose weight.

You can lose weight by lying down.

What are you waiting for? Practice quickly! 1.

Supine + cow face legs.

The future I want is to see a sense of security.

In my memory, Dad, you are a tall and handsome man, but I don’t know when you had white hair on your head that shouldn’t be at this age.

Zhou Guoping said, “the world is more and more peaceful, but I once said,” the world is more and more peaceful.

” In modern society, noise and impetuosity have undoubtedly become the main melody of people’s life, and I think we should brew a cup of light tea and quietly hold the light from the bottom of our heart in the face of all the flashiness.

Who is holding hands and looking at the beautiful woman’s tearful eyes under the willow bank with the wind and the moon? Who, after losing the list for many times, expressed the emotion of “occasionally losing the leading hope on the gold list”? Who, unwilling to rise and fall in the sea of officials, recited “endure floating names and change shallow chanting and low singing” again and again? Liu Yong is the famous poet who is full of talent but pursues peace of mind.

He sighed and shook his head in the noisy and impetuous officialdom of abusing me and deceiving me – that’s not where his heart belongs.

Therefore, he integrated into the market, took the earth as the bed and the rocks as the pillow, and enjoyed the flowers and chanted the moon with many Kabuki people.

He quietly kept his innocence and light from the bottom of his heart with a plain heart.

“Where the well water, there must be Liu tuntian CI.” I think it is his pursuit of peace that makes him live in people’s hearts forever.

When you pass by his window, a romantic and poetic Serenade makes you stop unconsciously.

The flowers tremble slightly, and even the moon can’t help being intoxicated.

The handsome boy in the house is Chopin.

In his extremely short life, he experienced too much because of his composition http://Www.zUoWEn8.coM/ His talent, he was valued by the upper class society, so he was asked to play by the countess every once in a while.

From then on, he was involved in the extremely complex European upper class society.

But this is not what he wants.

He doesn’t care about the money like dirt.

All he wants is music, just writing a song quietly, and quietly guarding the light from the bottom of his heart.

One song after another, he wrote a period of his life.

It is precisely because he pursues a quiet life that his music reveals the romance and beauty of poetry.

The “piano poet” always belongs to Chopin! Whether it’s Zhuge Liang’s secluded cottage or Jiang Taigong’s Riverside fishing alone, whether it’s Li Bai’s moon drinking or Tao Yuanming’s Chrysanthemum picking Dongli, between fame and landscape, wealth and freedom, impetuous and quiet, they always choose the latter, and have no regrets all their life! How many people, in the eyes of the secular world, are young talents with boundless scenery and promising future, but they turn away without care, Just because of the sentence “I like to live a quiet day “, they followed the call of their hearts and quietly guarded the incomparably gorgeous and dazzling light in their hearts! When I was alone, walking quietly on the campus, my impetuous heart could not help calming down, so I chanted: listen to the language of falling flowers and sit in the pavilion leisurely.

The sky is thin and the clouds are light, and the cold leaves are clear and cold.

The clouds accompany the sky, and the leaves accompany the roots to sleep.

I only chant the complicated affairs into poems.

This article is written Address: quietly hold the light composition 900 words The merciless snow is floating wantonly, the cold wind is biting, penetrating the soul like a needle, usurping the cold test paper in my hand, and the sense of loss deepens.

I even feel that I am the only one in this world to bear this pain.

Walking on the deserted street, the rest of my ears are the “rustling sound” of wind and snow.

At this time, a refreshing sweet smell grabbed the tip of my nose and led me to see the origin of the fragrance.

As for the corner of the street, on the other side of the street, there was a woman alone, dressed in a dark blue flower jacket, washed faded cotton trousers, and the cotton shoes spitting out wool.

The clothes on the woman were very old and there were patched marks everywhere.

In front of the woman’s body is a dark passage, with a trace of heating dense out and a little fragrance from it.

Women love to laugh.

The smile is simple and natural.

Unlike other vendors, she just waits silently.

I have many friends.

I have my own ideas.

When I was young, my friends were innocent.

I enjoy this kind of friendship.

I can’t say like a fish in water, but I can be relaxed and happy.

In ancient times, there was a saying that “if you enter the room of Zhilan for a long time and don’t smell its fragrance, it will be transformed with it.

If you enter the Abalone Restaurant for a long time and don’t hear of its ugliness, it will also be transformed with it.


I want friends who don’t go against my own ideas.

Confucius told disciple Zigong, “don’t lose what you don’t want to lose to others.” if you don’t want to be corrupted by others, don’t affect others.

I understand that some gossip is inevitable.

I talk about others and others talk about myself..

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