Double happiness of double Yoga

As the name suggests, “double yoga” means that two people jointly participate in the practice of yoga movements.

Through the coordination of breathing and movements, they borrow each other’s energy, work together and tacit understanding with each other to complete wonderful movements.

Breaking the “self feeling” of traditional yoga, double yoga focuses on the practice process of sharing and communicating with each other.

Double yoga is not only a combination of strength and beauty, but also can stimulate the deep muscles, muscles, internal organs and nerves of the body.

At the same time, it can correct the skewed posture, strengthen the body and correct the abnormal spine.

It can also send oxygen to each Sutra and cell through yoga breathing method, activate the whole body system and achieve the purpose of balancing the body.

When practicing double yoga, while paying attention to your own actions and breathing, you should also pay attention to each other, feel each other’s requirements and discomfort, and adjust your actions, position and strength at any time.

Mutual adaptation and cooperation are the key to practice.

Psychologists have found that exercising with friends is easier to feel relaxed and happy than exercising alone.

If friends or couples go to fitness together, they can not only be partners, but also have a common language.

They can also encourage and support each other in the process of fitness.

Double yoga is the most suitable double sport for friends and lovers.

In essence, it is the same as single person yoga, but it emphasizes that two people work together to complete some yoga actions that single person can’t do or are difficult to achieve.

Although each practitioner’s figure and flexibility are different, mutual trust is the most important condition for completing double yoga.

In addition to awakening ourselves, double yoga can let us learn to share life with others.

Sit upright in the boat, inhale, straighten your feet and put them together, keep your toes high, keep the soles of their feet close together and hold their arms together.

Hold this position and take three breaths.

Lengthen the spine upward when inhaling, and pull the nose to the knee when exhaling.

In Western stretching, one side bends forward.

With the help of the other party, put the back on the back of the person below.

Straighten your hands from the top of your head and close them.

The lower side grabs the upper hand with both hands.

The most wonderful thing about double yoga is that not everyone can practice together, and not any partner is willing to practice with you.

When your partner is willing to practice with you, it has proved your luck and happiness.

Energy we believe that yoga can create a magical energy; Similarly, we believe that love is also an energy.

Therefore, in the practice of double yoga, you can feel the strong energy intersection and accumulation, so as to achieve the best effect of self-cultivation.

With the help of others, you can better show beautiful or difficult yoga.

The harmonious tacit understanding of harmonious limbs will certainly form the harmonious tacit understanding of daily life, which is the commitment of yoga.

One of the most basic conditions for practicing double yoga is mutual trust.

Whether it is a best friend or a couple, this is also the most precious wealth of life…

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