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Yoga practice waist 8 pose, let you be a “small waist essence” from now on

Lifting the swimming circles on both sides of the waist, many women should feel particularly distressed.

It seems that as long as they don’t exercise for a period of time, the fat on both sides of the waist will grow wildly! However, we usually lack exercise on both sides of the waist.

Coupled with long sitting and other reasons, you will find that the side waist is particularly difficult to reduce! Today, I’d like to share a yoga sequence that can effectively reduce the fat on both sides of the waist.

You must collect it! 01 enter the Warrior II, bend the left leg to the knee, tighten the core, exhale, stabilize the pelvis, bend the upper body to the left and inhale, restore the dynamic practice for 8-10 times, change sides 02, keep the Warrior II core tightened, put both hands on both sides of the ears to exhale, stabilize the pelvis, bend the body to the right and inhale, bend to the left side for 10-12 times, practice each side 03 enter the goddess style, exhale with both feet and knees outward, tighten the core, Keep your pelvis stable, put your hands on both sides of your ears, exhale, bend to the right, inhale to restore exhalation, bend to the left, inhale to restore dynamic practice for 10-12 times, 04 enter downward canine exhalation, the body center of gravity enters the side panel type with the left hand propped on the ground, raise the left leg up for dynamic practice for 5-8 times, change the other side, 05 enter downward canine exhalation with one leg, tighten the core, bend the left knee and inhale forward, Restore the dynamic exercise 8-10 times, change sides 06 to enter the flat support exhalation, tighten the core right leg, bend the knee and touch the right elbow outward to inhale, change the other side 07 to maintain the flat support exhalation after 8-10 times of restore dynamic exercise, tighten the core hip to the right to twist the inhalation, restore the exhalation, twist the left side to the left for 10-12 times of dynamic exercise 08 to enter the wild style, exhale with the left hand and left leg supporting the ground, Tighten the core, bend the right leg and touch the right elbow to inhale, restore the dynamic practice, and change sides after 5-8 times.

If you want to reduce the waist fat on both sides, you should also pay attention not to be sedentary for a long time.

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