Yoga video training class, 60 minute meridian yoga, dredge the liver and gallbladder meridian!

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From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is an organ with important functions such as metabolism, detoxification, defense, coagulation and so on! Once there is a problem with liver function, human health will also be threatened! People with poor liver must pay attention to the following four signs! 01.

Easy to lose sleep and wake up! Vigorous liver fire will affect the vegetative nerves on the surface of the liver, resulting in insomnia, difficulty falling asleep or being easily awakened at night.

In addition, people with vigorous liver fire will also be prone to irritability, bitter mouth and peculiar smell! 02.

Grinding teeth and talking in sleep.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the heart hides the spirit and the liver hides the soul.

When people rest, the blood belongs to the liver.

If the mind and liver soul cannot be nourished by the blood, they are easy to be restless, resulting in insomnia, dreaminess, grinding teeth, talking in dreams and so on! 03.

When sleeping, the lower leg is easy to cramp, or the liver dominates the tendon.

When the liver function is weakened, the body is easy to accumulate toxins, which will affect the tendons of the body for a long time.

If you often have sleeping cramps, you should pay attention to liver function! 04.

Frequent nocturia.

The liver has the function of purging the spleen and stomach.

If there is a problem with the liver, the spleen and stomach will also be affected.

Bile cannot be secreted normally.

Over time, it is easy to cause absorption obstacles, diarrhea, polyuria and other problems! The liver is not good.

Don’t touch three things before going to bed.

Four things are the best to do.

The liver will slowly get better! These three things should be done less: 1.

Supper before going to bed; 2.

Take a hot bath before going to bed; 3.

Drink more before going to bed: 1.

Drink more liver nourishing tea (such as green tea and chrysanthemum tea); 2.

Soothe the liver and relieve depression (less angry and smile); 3.

Watch less mobile phones (the liver opens its eyes) 4.

Knock more on the liver and gallbladder meridian (the liver meridian is the inner side of the thigh and the gallbladder is the outer side of the thigh) with a set of liver and gallbladder meridian sequence of meridian yoga! If you think this article is helpful, please collect or forward it to your friends! Is hip opening too painful? Try these 8 Yoga variants and open your hips while practicing! After these six groups of hip yoga movements, the hips are tilted and the legs are longer! Form these four good habits every morning to make you lose weight unconsciously! (attached with morning yoga teaching video) the driest autumn of the year is the golden season for lung cultivation! (lung meridian maintenance Yoga attached).

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